Why Pay For This LOTR MOBA When The Best Ones Are Free?

The Hobbit releases in theatres in North America today. While it looks like a video game, there's an actual video game you can play: Guardians of Middle-Earth. It's a Lord of The Rings MOBA game released in tandem with the movie. I've been playing Guardians lately.

Guardians isn't a bad title: it's a standard, run of the mill MOBA. There are a couple of small tweaks to the genre, but overall the big difference is that you get to play as characters like Legolas and Gandalf.

Some people might be into that. As for me, confession: I'm not a huge fan of The Lord of The Rings. Even so, I don't think I'm being unfair when I wonder why someone would drop money for a MOBA when free is the standard. Look at League of Legends. Look at DOTA 2 (which will be free once it drops.)

Is wanting to play as your favourite Lord of The Rings character enough to make you want to spend $US14.99? On a game that takes all its cues from the free titles, which happen to offer more than the paid games in the genre do on top of that?

Personally, it wouldn't make sense to me. But maybe that's just because this is a Lord of the Rings MOBA. I'd probably drop cash for a not-very-good K-Pop MOBA — never underestimate a fan's desire to support the things they love!

But I must ask you, dear reader: would you pay upfront for a MOBA when the best ones are free?


    Agreed. If the MOBA is not free and easily accessible, it's doomed from the start IMO.

    I'm not much of a MOBA player, but from my understanding this game was designed primarily as a console game where it's main competition is PC based. Yet you seem to have completely glossed over this fact in your article.

      Got it in one. The entire cornerstone of the marketing around this title has been the fact that it's bringing the MOBA genre the consoles. So that US$14.99 isn't looking so bad if you don't happen to own a gaming PC...

    Must be cool to crap on the hobbit without any reason other than to get cheap hits.

    Piss poor journalism yet again.

    *Deletes bookmark.

    Are you even trying to not be obtuse any more Patricia? Hang on IGN are on the phone, they want to know when you can start?

    Last edited 16/12/12 12:08 am

    Paid for it and loving it. I'm liking Ugluk, Sauron and Legolas.

    I'm finding it pretty challenging even against AI bots. For some reason it takes forever to find human players. The perils of living in Australia I suppose...

      Add me. I used to play Ugluk but swapped over to Thrain since his Ulti isn't single-target (helps a lot for groups in lanes).

        It would help if I listed my gamer id, it's Inkk la on XBL.

        Anyone can add, would love a few games with people who understand how to "push".

    Patricia, can you list all the other console MOBAs that I can readily get access to?

    And the free ones on that list?

    And the ones on that list that have been painstakingly redesigned in order to work with a traditional controller instead of a mouse?

    I'm thinking it would be a pretty short list. And that you are a pretty shit journalist.

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