A Hat In Time Still Looks Amazing

A while ago we showed you an early build of upcoming indie game, A Hat In Time. The game looked delightful then, even though there wasn't too much to see, gameplay wise. All we knew were the influences — Wind Waker visuals with Banjo Kazooie gameplay. Now, a month later, the developer, Jonas Kærlev, has more to show us of Hat Kid (the protagonist) — and it (still) looks absolutely charming.

Levels in freaking hourglasses! It's clever and it gives everything a striking visual presentation. Really, what doesn't look great about this? From small details, like how Hat Kid jumps, to having the boss enemies peering into the hourglass are great.

I have no idea if this is actually how the real game will be structured, especially after looking at this other video that shows off a city, but who knows. Hopefully the dev tries to make the hourglass thing work and that isn't just a tease.

It also seems as if a public playable build of A Hat In Time might be in the near future. One can only hope.

Remember that you can/should vote for A Hat In Time on Steam Greenlight, here.


    the water may look like Wind Waker, but that music and surroundings (in the second vid) I can't help but think mario sunshine!

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