After 35 Years, Star Wars Action Figures Might Actually Be Growing Up

For such a massive series, the standard Star Wars action figures have never exactly set the world on fire. The originals had a range of movement last seen at the Nuremberg Rally, and subsequent ones haven't improved much.

For 2013 though — and perhaps spurred on by Star Wars' fresh ownership — Hasbro has pulled out all the stops, announcing the "Black Series", a run of figures that will appeal mostly to adult collectors.

See: beautiful photos of classic Star Wars figures.

Instead of the traditional (and under-sized compared to most other figures) 0.75 inches they've stood at for 35 years, the Black Series will be a more contemporary six inches. They've also got increased detail, posability and even fancy new packaging.

Selling for $US20, they will be out in August. The first figures on the market will be"Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing Fighter flight suit, fan-favourite droid R2-D2, bad guy Darth Maul and an Imperial Sandtrooper."

USA Today says it's part of Hasbro exploring options and sizes for the new films currently in the pipeline. Please, Hasbro, stick with this.


    $20? Sold. But 0.75 inches? That has to be a misprint. Right? There is no way these are less than 2cm tall.

      It sounds like someone needs to take the decimal point back one, 7.5 inches.

        That sounds better but than how are these new 6 inch figures meant to bigger? Maybe the originals where 5.75 or 4.75 inches high.

        Oh and that's $20 US, probably $40 to $50 here, if we see them.

          you realise that our money is worth more than USD. so itll be less than 20 AUD.

            Our Dollar is worth slightly More, but a New Game in Australia is still $40 more than in the US, Lego is double the price here when compared to the US. Everything you can possibly think of is more expensive here than in the US.

            So a $20 Action Figure will be more here too. A Deluxe sized Transformer is $25 here and $10 in the US, for an appropriate Toy Comparison.

            Why? Not sure, because it can be I suppose. But it's as though the value of our currency is irrelevant unless your ordering things online from overseas stores where the price is usually in US dollars.

              sorry i misunderstood. you are 100% correct, thats why i hope the useless ass commission gets apple and microsoft as a warning to all the other companies. still, i buy all my games in US dollars. better than waiting a year for the newest mortal kombat to come out! and cheaper!

          Originals were very small, around 3.5 inch I believe.

          and that $40 or $50 here will only apply if your willing to buy in bulk ;)

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