Arcane Legends Gets Its First Taste Of Player Vs Player Combat

The latest browser/mobile MMO from Spacetime Studios gets a bit more competitive today with the release of the first small taste of player-on-player violence. Who's ready for a little Capture the Flag?

Players from all platforms can queue up for four-on-four Capture the Flag battles, the most popular multiplayer mode in the Legends series.

You can play Arcane Legends for free on iOS, Android or just play it right in your web browser. Ain't cross-platform gaming convenient?


    Does anyone else think League of Legends after seeing this? From left to right I see Ashe, Garen and Veiger judging by size and that it is a mage.

      If you have played multiple Moba games, you would know that they borrow a lot of ideas from each other and you wouldn't be surprised at all.

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