DmC Reviewers Pleased With New Dante And His Swift Action Moves

Not everyone is pleased with Ninja Theory's take on the new Dante. That hair, that demeanor, that easy gameplay? These are some complaints I've heard from fans since the reviews started hitting for Capcom's latest entry in the Devil May Cry series, which released just yesterday.

But reviewers love it! They love the action, and the sequence of moves you can pull off. They love the weapon system. So let's hear more about what everyone had to say, from the less convinced review to the most glowing one.

The Escapist

Despite a couple of problems, Devil May Cry is a lot of fun for any fan of action melee, whether or not they're veterans of the franchise. The style rating system gives you a reason to play through multiple times as well as motivating you to explore using the entirety of the arsenal made available to you. Thought it takes a lot of time to get used to, the weapon system does a fine job of making you feel in control, even if you're just frantically mashing buttons. Aside from Dante's cheesy one-liners, the atmosphere of the game is dark and brutal, with the shattered environments adding to the feeling of a world on the verge of annihilation.


This, it was claimed after we first saw the new Dante, is a genre that could only truly be understood by Japanese studios, doomed to fail. What an overreaction that was to a makeover and some dubstep. This is the best entry in its genre since Bayonetta, and might just be the best game Ninja Theory has made to date.


There's a point in DmC: Devil May Cry where everything just falls into place, a point where — after being mollycoddled through hours of gentle combat — you're finally let off the leash. And at that point, chaos ensues. The gates of hell are opened, once-timid demons become tremendous horrors, and Dante transforms into a fighter of glowing theatrics and tense technical wizardry. Immense, over-the-top combos flow from the fingertips, unleashing all manner of visually enticing carnage with a precise, fluid feel. So entertaining is the combat, in fact, that it's easy to overlook what a wonderful achievement DmC is as a whole.


Long-time Devil May Cry fans unsure of Ninja Theory's treatment can abandon their fears. DmC hurls Dante into a newer, better world, complete with a glorious combat system and enough style to make old Dante proud.

This is digital action at its finest, steeped in the blood of angels, spiced with gunpowder, and garnished with a middle finger.


It's fast, hard and raunchy, so much so that any small inconsistencies are swallowed up by the next fight, new weapon or new ability. Its story seems crafted specifically for me, or at least for a market in which I am the target consumer. It pokes fun at the real-world machinations of bogus news networks, stars a confident, swagger-laden hunk with supernatural abilities, and leaves a wide array of weapons at the player's disposal. Each of these aspects on its own is a reason to get behind a game, but by far the most important one — for a Devil May Cry reboot especially — is the fighting. DMC does action extraordinarily well and manages to make Dante look like the epitome of cool with every move, and it's wonderful to see this feat in motion. Over and over and over again.

Giant Bomb

I brought no personal baggage to Ninja Theory's take on Devil May Cry, having played and enjoyed the original game way back when but then steering clear of the series after its poorly received second entry. Whether you're a longtime fan (with an open mind) or a total newcomer just looking for a solid character action game, it's hard to imagine anyone feeling overly dissatisfied with this new game. It's almost wholly successful at what it tries to do, and seems like the start of a promising new direction for what was otherwise a nearly forgotten franchise.


It'd be easy to reduce the game to They Live with liberal social commentary with its demonic robber baron villains. This game updates the elements of the Devil May formula-combat flow, maximizing a moveset in a personalised way and slashing around biblically influenced lore-to make it feel like it belongs in the present day. Is it more grounded and serious? Yeah. This new Dante looks like someone you'd walk past in the street. But the surprise is how much that switch works. Ninja Theory's still mining a vein of self-conscious character creation but the winking is far more knowing than it was in the previous DMC games. However, the play is so good that it makes you reconsider the entirety of the work being done. The new Devil May Cry isn't from the netherworld after all. Fact is, for action fans, it's a slice of heaven.


    I liked the demo.

    Might grab it on PC since it's been optimised to hell and back.

    A lot of the immature reactions to this game is really setting a bad example for "gamers" and the industry.

      You should see metacritic. Those user reviews are hilarious. Kids giving bad reviews just because it is new dante and also the video of new dante showing middle finger to old dante style. I'm willing to bet 90% of the review is by those who have not played the game.

      I remember some commenter here on kotaku was bashing it as well just because he/she thinks old DmC is the best and the remake is unnecessary.

      To me the best DmC was the 1st and it has been quite a downhill. Glad they "renew" the IP with the new dante.

        I checked Metacritic and you're right, it's ridiculous! People barely able to type a cohesive sentence ripping on something they have little to no idea about. Damn shame.

        This is one of my favourites:
        "dmc devil may cry is a shameless reboot to a great franchise,this game has obscene violence and even a sex scene in it. ninja theory claim its a shakespear-esk game but in reality its a pitiful game"

        Just... no.

        Last edited 17/01/13 3:50 pm

        Well this one pretty much made my night...

        "This is the best Call of Duty game i've ever played. Bioware really goes and step further and tries to make a tactical shooting game about apocalyptic times. The story is really deep, and has a lot of good weapons that do different things instead of 100 guns that do the same thing. The quickscoping system is now really polished. I don't really care about multiplayer since i have CoD4 already (dad won't let me buy new games for bad grades). If you like naruto, you won't be displeased with this game"

    Immature reaction? What, like the content that's in the game? Shooting a pregnant woman in the stomach, waiting for her to realise that her unborn child is dead.. Then murdering her with a grin on his face. Yes, that's *totally* mature.
    Ninja Theory had zero interest or knowledge of DMC before they gained the rights to it. They openly claimed they hated it.
    It was stupid of Capcom for giving it to NT in the first place, even for that reason.. Way to blatantly fuck up the history of the franchise!

      But that was a demon unborn baby.

      If that insulted you, why are you playing dead space which technically kills babies(crawlers) by shooting off their limbs? Not to mention stomping them too if given the chance.

      Besides, it's a remake by another developer. Why should they care about old DmC when they are trying to give new impression on the new DmC? They are not here to bring us old DmC.

      Choose between MoH remake and DmC remake. Which is better?

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    The a demons baby doesn't count no demons actually do much evil in the game infact they dont start being evil UNTIL DANTE AND VIRGIL START FUCKING WITH THEM they are the evil demons and are apparently our heroes

    Saying Kids are giving DMC bad reviews on meta critic is funny because Kids are the main audience this game is aimed at not the long time Devil May Cry fans who have legitimate complaints about this game.

    Ninja Theory cant write a story for shit go find some of the original story for Enslaved: odyssey to the west before it was rewritten by outside writers for the game.

      May I know how old are you?

      In case you did not notice, this game is not for kids. It's for mature audience above 15 in Australia (if new rating were there when it was applied, I bet this will be R 18) , mature audience above 16 in UK, mature audience above 17 in US.

      Tell me why is this game's target audience is kids when it is clearly for mature audiences only. Kids are whining in their review about how "gory and mature" the content is.

      I don't see people complaining about God of War. Bloody Kratos raping chicks and ripping gods to pieces. He bloody ripped Helios head off with us mashing button on controller. Now that is acceptable and not this. Sigh.

        I am 20 years of age good sir.

        There is no other way to describe this games story but edgy it is made for fucking teenagers the whole game's story is anti authority to an extreme extent. Its not anti authority because the authority is corrupt or evil its because its there. Infact there is no reason for the final boss fight, it only happens because Dante decides YOUR THE AUTHORITY NOW I HAVE TO BE AGAINST YOU AND KILL YOU.

        Kratos raping somebody and ripping gods heads off is in character for him. Dante suddenly doing some very sadistic evil things such as kidnapping ransom then killing an unborn baby then killing the mother after she realizes what just happened is a little out of character for a guy who killed demons while eating pizza in the previous games.

        Dante's most used word is either fuck or you its constant of him just being this little shithead to appeal to little shithead teenagers and how would i know hey 6 or 7 years ago i thought shit like this was extremely cool and awesome.

        This isn't blind fanboyism there are parts of this game that look good the level design looks fucking amazing its just not a Devil May Cry game and that's because a Developer with no knowledge on the series was handed the project and told make it sell. Apparently they thought the best way to make it sell was to make the original fans of the series hate it and just entice the cod audience in.

          But this is a new Dante which means they're taking him in a new direction. It was established very early in the game with the white long hair gag.

          By the way, you lose credibility in an intelligent conversation about video games every time you compare a game in a different genre to COD. Especially when said game's fundamental mechanics of play is unchanged from its Japanese predecessors (which you profess to love).

          Last edited 18/01/13 12:52 am

          I'm sorry, SaltyB, but the way you talk about the new game seems to indicate that you either didn't play it, don't understand it or wish to mislead people about its content. I'm certainly not defending some of the terrible writing in the game, but the way you choose to explain it is quite disingenuous. Note that this comment will contain spoilers (and probably some heavy spoiler tag usage), for those who haven't played the game.

          You state that there is no reason whatsoever for the final boss fight, but the entire reason for Dante choosing to fight is: his belief that people should be free to make their own decisions and live their own lives, not be manipulated and controlled by anyone. This is why he's so shocked by Vergil's sudden announcement that they were to rule over humanity after ridding the world of Mundus, and refuses to side with him. He'd spent most of the game fighting against everything that Mundus stood for, only to find that his brother wanted the exact same thing (regardless of whether Vergil believe his intentions to be noble or not).It's obviously pretty hard to explain Dante's motivation for fighting in the final boss fight without spoiling anything, so people reading along who haven't played and/or finished the game will have to forgive me for this one.

          If you've played the game yourself, you'll be aware that Dante: agreed to kidnap Lilith as a bargaining chip to save Kat, and never had any intentions of harming her unborn child, or even her (beyond what it took to subdue her initially). In fact, Dante didn't expect Vergil to shoot Lilith in a way as to kill her child, and then eliminate Lilith herself, putting Kat at risk.Dante did not kill an unborn child or its mother, nor did he have any plans to do so, and to claim so is disingenuous.

          I definitely have to agree with you on this point. The forced 'edginess' that is a major part of new Dante's character in DmC is pretty terrible. There were plenty of ways of having a different Dante without making his characterisation for the most part extremely grating and unlikable. It's pretty obvious that this was to show a transformation of the character throughout the game, but I definitely think they missed the mark.

          It's hard to believe that your argument isn't based upon blind fanboyism when you choose to ignore the actual truth of the matter and claim things about the game that just aren't true. I will freely admit that I was initially against the idea of a reboot, particularly one that is so different to the original source. After multiple playthroughs of DmC, I still maintain that the same game could have been made with the original character and a different story to the one we got that fits in with the established story of the original series, and still be a pretty great game that also manages to not alienate previous fans. But frankly, the most important thing that DmC had to nail (despite its failures in storytelling) was a compelling, open and fun combat system, and DmC does pretty damn well with this. And really, your whole CoD audience strawman argument is so farcical that I'm not even going to bother addressing it (and Kizaru has done a good job of it already).

          Is the game perfect? No, not at all. Would I have preferred that it be a continuation of classic Dante's story in a way that respected the pre-established canon? Sure. But the game itself is a solid game that does pretty well at delivering Devil May Cry style combat (and certainly doesn't somehow wipe the previous series and version of the protagonist from existence). And really, that's the point that actually matters.

          *Edited to remove some of the oddities of Kotaku's spoiler tags and keep the spoiler content in one block, rather than weirdly spaced bits of spoiler content everywhere.*

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    It'd be a shame if fanboyism gets in the way of this getting the props it deserves. I'd hate to see Ninja Theory become another talented studio that has to shut it's doors this year. Enough great studios shuttered their doors last year, and we as gamers will lose out as a result.

    I came in as a new player to the DmC, with high hopes. I've played their RE games, and have been fond of them, even if RE 5 and 6 were somewhat let downs, I still came back and enjoyed them.

    First, I'd like to point out that there's a difference between monster babies coming to eat you, and an actual unborn child being murdered inside a woman, and then allowing the mother to realize this. Demon or not, it's considered cruelty, and not something you want to see from a here, or even an anti-hero. That is the trademark of a psychopath, and last I checked, psychopaths were engineered as villains. Not heroes.

    Second, the same old statement of, 'They're complaining because Dante is new in look' is stale, and old. It's a weak point out, and really has nothing to do with the persons complaint. If you want to take a look at how consumer feedback affects a game, look at the response to ME3, and how in less than 2 weeks from the launch date, BioWare's stocks crashed, along with more than 50% of the games being returned (I myself returned my own game).

    Third, there is a fine line between artistic creativity and outright shit. It is, yes, okay to enjoy a game, but it is not alright to treat the old fans of the game like shit. That makes you shit. Therefore what you produce, will also be shit. And this game, was shit. It actually forced me to go back and start the first DMC game, to see what my friends were complaining about. And coming from the reverse path of playing DmC first THEN the original 2001 DMC, I can now see what they were complaining about. I went from playing a game full of crass language, illogical, empty heroes who really have no rhyme or reason, and bad guys I actually sympathized with more than the main characters, to a game where I'm actually getting what's going on. I actually am laughing, rather than being offended. I'm challenged, rather than mashing the same button over, and over, and getting SS rank.

    NT and Capcom both have treated their fans terribly. I didn't even have to buy my copy of DmC, and I'm thankful I didn't. The return store credit points wouldn't even be worth the amount of offense and horror I felt playing a game full of terrible fanfiction level writing, and bad action. It was like I had a slap to the face.

    About the only thing I have to say good for this game, was the gameplay. At first it was fun, unique and really, was what kept me going. Afterwards it became highly repetitive and incredibly boring. The bosses tended to stay in one area, I began to see a pattern in the attacks, and managed to beat this game within a day. Which, least to say, was also disappointing.

    Final note: I dodged the bullet with this one, and Kotaku I'm disappointed in your review of the game. I'd suggest citing genuine opinions, and looking at the reviews of people who actually bought it, rather than companies who can be bought out.

    You know its sad, this game could have released under a new name and no one from the DMC fan base would have cared. Instead Capcom gave the series to Ninja Theory who's chief designer stated 'he doesnt care' about the fans. I am not a 'fan' of the DMC games.

    I played 2, 3 and 4 but never played the original and I have never been a die hard fan. That said I enjoyed them, the difficulty level was fine the lower difficulties allowing less skilled players to clear the game whilst higher difficulties allowed for much more in depth combos. People criticize the story but I would argue going into the DMC series for the story is like going to see the Expendables for the plot. No your going there to watch stuff blow up and over the top action scenes. The story was kept insane and over the top because it is a spectacle fighter, the game play is all about over the top action so why not a story that was just as crazy?

    The new DmC failed to realize this and instead tries to be about a dark, gritty story with equally dark and gritty characters. The new Dante is completely unrecognizable to the old Dante in every aspect bar names. Back story, genealogy, personality, appearance and in gameplay style are alien to anyone who played the previous titles. Trish and Lady are gone, two main characters from the series who were shown as being capable fighters

    Are the DMC fans overacting? A little but unfortunately Ninja Theory incited this with the 'I dont care' statement about the fans and the fact most of the legitimate points raised against the game are ignored and basically considered as whining babies and insulted by journalists.

    Last edited 17/01/13 6:51 pm

      That is where the tragedy lies it is a pretty decent game as its own franchise it could have been something really good. Its easily the best game ninja theory has made its environments are good the setting and story at times are kind of interesting. BUT its not Devil May Cry.

      Imagine if the 2d Mario games were handed to a new studio that new nothing about Mario. They slowed down the frame rate and the pace of the action in the game removed all the power ups instead to only have 2 power ups and made the platforming incredibly easy then put Mario in a really grim world and had Mario do things completely out of character. While this game may be good it is Mario in name only.

      There are some fans that over react to extreme extents bombing meta critic with 0 scores. But alot of people who have legitimate complaints with the game and are just lumped together with these people.

      This is all alot like the hoopla surrounding mass effect 3 last year. Some people overacted and just complained about the ending being bad. Some people had legitimate complaints about the game Gaping plot holes, DLC ending segments of the game cut to be made into DLC and an overall drop in the quality of writing in the game. But they got lumped in with the crying babies.

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