Dragon Age 3's Visual Improvements Include Less Brown, New Engine

The first two Dragon Age titles? Not so hot, visually. That's about to change.

Bioware's Neil Thompson recently spoke with OXM UK about the upcoming Dragon Age sequel and its visual upgrade. Thanks to DICE's Frostbite 2 engine, the Bioware team has been able to do "some amazing stuff", enough that he reckons that when they finally release screenshots, "people won't be disappointed". So what do some of the improvements include?

Less brown.

"Can you make fantasy beautiful in a different way? We think we have something special for Dragon Age 3: Inquisition," he mused, adding that the game will shun the "subdued colour palette and harsh brown feel" typical of much current fantasy media.

Good to hear. I don't want more brown games. The signature buckets of blood in Dragon Age would look better with a more colourful backdrop, don't you think?

I'm also curious to see Dragon Age on an updated engine. Will they match the beauty of the concept art we've seen so far? Hopefully.

Dragon Age 3 artist sings Frostbite 2's praises, admits to "disappointment" over Dragon Age 1-2 [OXM]


    "The first two Dragon Age titles? Not so hot, visually" They are meant to be hot? Like Kat Dennings hot or something?

    It's a game, graphics are important sure, but those games were fantastic

      Like Kat Dennings hot...


        Kat Dennings is hella hot!


            ^This too

              Had to google her, but I do remember seeing her and going "Hot".
              +1 This.

                ...Jesus. So Kotaku have terrible taste in women. Duly noted.

      Dragon age was mean to have bad graphics? When it came out it had the best graphics of any rpg I'd ever played....

    Why would you build a castle in the Alps?

      The same reason you build a castle anywhere.

      a) Control a location (a castle lets you house troops and siege weaponry). Suggest there's a narrow pass through the alps that can be closed with a good company of troops.
      b) Defensible location. Mountains make it difficult and costly to assault.
      c) Good view
      d) Because you can.

    Why are people still hyped for this game? After DA2, ME3 and TORtanic, Bioware should be forgotten. No bioware game has been good since ME1.

      Dragon Age 2 was decent if looked at in isolation, but a very poor sequel.
      ME3 was fantastic until the ending.
      SWTOR tanked because it had no end-game and no way to retain players once they'd finished a storyline. The individual storylines are superb though, and after a 8 month hiatus I've gone back and have one of every class except smuggler above 30 now, 4 50's.

        Looks like I've written another Bioware rant. Don't take this as an argument towards you, if you enjoyed the games, that's great. Unfortunately, I didn't.

        I actually think DA2 was a bad game, without comparing it to the original. I regularly tell people its the worst game I've played the whole way through. It commits a bunch of design sins that I'd hold against any game:
        - A story that relied on characters making completely bewildering decisions to drive the plot forward (though I really liked Varric). The story also has shocking pacing issues.
        - Game play somewhere in between God of War and a Baldurs Gate, which might have worked, but in this case meant it wasn't particularly good as an RPG or as a action-adventure.
        - Relentless repetition.

        I actually don't care for ME3 either. The story missions were great, but there was a lot of bs. My main criticism is that to get the 'best' ending, you had to collect galactic readiness points, and the side quests that rewarded them were boring as hell. I got so sick of walking around the citadel hoping to 'overhear' a quest, which would inevitably involve planet scanning. My suspicion is that this was intentional, in order to force people to the MP to get enough points.

        I don't have anything against SWTOR, other than it probably would have been better as single player experience. I get the impression most people solo'd the story content, and then there was no real end game.

        So in summation: I loved Baldurs Gate and many of their subsequent releases, but I have basically no hope for any future Bioware releases. They are just EA now.

          Regarding SWTOR, yes, most people solo the story content. It's written such that doing anything else feels wrong.

          Personally I had to bring a friend in for the final part of the storyline that I finished (Jedi Knight) because the final encounter was tuned to be ridiculously unfair to the point of basically being impossible.

          In DA2 criticisms, I agree with you as well, and I would also add that I didn't like the way the game seemed to be presenting you with choices all the time, but they would immediately railroad you into the same path. Everything plays out exactly the same regardless of what you choose to do. You have no impact on the world and no impact on the story, everything is completely pre-determined. eg. Side with the mages at the end, the head mage goes demon on you and you fight him. Side with the Templars and the head mage goes demon and you have to fight him. Regardless of what you chose, you will then fight the Templar leader. Even ME3 had more impactful choices in it.

        i agree completely and Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull was the greatest movie of our generation /sarcasm.
        well jokes aside my opinion that dragon age 2 is the most disappointing game I've played in the last 10 years. i can think of no redeeming qualities for it from the hackney writing, the cartoonish low res graphics, the unlikable characters, tap a to win battles with the unforgivable sin of wave spawns to pad game time, the hyper exaggerated combat (dragon age 1's shuffling to get into position to attack was boring but it didn't look retarded like DA2's swinging a great sword around like it weighs half a kilo) and the biggest one of all a sequel needs to add to universe not subtract from it removing things like allowing customizing of your party's gear is unforgivable i mean i can take being tricked into a gay sex encounter because of the vague ass dialogue wheel but that just crosses my line (seriously can we go back to branching dialogue trees please just because it worked in mass effect doesn't mean its gonna work for everything)

        TLDR dragon age 2 bad RAWR

      Call it a fools hope.

      And sadly, I am one of those fools.

    Hoping this game is moved to next-gen if it's going to be out later than mid-2013 (which I assume it is).

    I'll be buying a new Xbox on launch day later this year and I don't want to be buying 360 games from that point on.

    Because that's what was wrong with DA2; the visuals... not every single other thing

    I hope this is a PS4 game so the PC version will be super awesome!
    I say this based on the rumours of the PS4's internals that will be a slightly lower clock of my insane PC.
    I hope more though this is a super awesome game!

    No, but I'd download one...

    I wasn't paying attention to the visuals in those games, that's not what I come to Dragon Age for. If you want to talk about the over all direction of DA2 on the other hand... then I might have a stronger opinion :P

    how anyone can say DA2 was good is beyond me that game was complete horse shit. Which is odd considering DA:O was the best RPGs I have played in about 10+ years and yes i did like ME 1 it was so much better then the borderline fps sequels it got.

    "I don't want anymore brown games"
    Admits to playing hundreds of hours of Gears of War 3 in the beta alone...

    Something doesn't add up here.

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