Grown Man Refuses To Eat Until Parents Allow Him To Play Video Games

Tantrums involving video games are nothing new, particularly when they involve children losing their gaming privileges. However, when the tantrum is thrown by a young adult, it becomes something that's, well... sad. That's exactly what happened to the Yang family in Chongqing last week.

Yang Yang (pseudonym) was at home playing video games all day last Wednesday. Unhappy that her son was gaming all day, as well as worried for his well-being, Yang's mother wanted him to take a break.

After a failed attempt by the her mother to get Yang Yang to relax, Mr Yang became fed up with his son's attitude and barged into his room. Seeing his son's room covered with snack wrappers and empty soft drink bottles, Mr Yang asked Yang Yang how long he's been playing. He flippantly replied "not long".

Angered by his response, Mr Yang seized Yang Yang's keyboard and smashed it to the ground. Shocked and angry, Yang Yang gave his father a death stare only to be told by his father "The heck are you looking at? Time for dinner."

As soon as Mr Yang left Yang Yang's room, he locked the door.

Yang Yang, a man in his twenties, locked himself in his room, inside his parents house, for a whole night, refusing to eat or drink anything. He exited his room the following day, but, according to his mother, he still wouldn't consume anything, causing his mother to worry.

Yang Yang started playing online shooters at home. Once his home setup became outdated, he started spending a lot of time at internet cafes, which worried his parents. Mr Yang purchased a new PC for Yang Yang, hoping his son would spend more time at home. Unfortunately for Mr Yang, Yang Yang just took his gaming habit to the next level, playing day and night.

Concerned about their son, Mr and Mrs Yang attempted to try to convince Yang Yang to eat. Yang Yang replied "I refuse, I'll eat when you return my game."

Living on the eighth floor, and seeing how unreasonable their son was being, the Yangs feared that Yang Yang would do something stupid, so they called the emergency services. When the authorities finally showed up, they were able to convince Yang Yang to eat something. Despite finally eating, Yang Yang still harboured a resentment towards his parents.

Hoping to reconnect with his son, Mr Yang has purchased a new keyboard for his son.

Personally, I would think Mr Yang should just confiscate the computer, bolt down the windows to Yang Yang's room, hide all the sharp objects and cook delicious smelling foods outside of his door. Eventually, Yang Yang would crack.

成年男子与父亲斗气:要我吃饭可以 先还游戏机 [Chongqing Daily via People's Daily]

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    The link at the bottom of this page goes to some website dedicated to finding missing children. It makes no mention of this story at all.

    Regardless, It's just sad whenever i read that parents are footing the bill for their grown kids gaming.

    Ugh. That 'boy' needs to grow up. If I were his parents, I'd call his bluff. No way he starves to death before getting a job.

    Parenting fail. If your adult child is living with you they should be paying rent, which means they need to have a job. The only exception would be if they're studying. In his 20's and sitting at home playing computer games all day? Kick him out.

    When did Kotaku turn into mainstream media?

      This must be your first time at any newsgaming site ever, welcome

    If there was a retry button I'm sure they would love another go.

    Hope all works out and this dude doesn't become another statistic.

    I think he needs to move out and figure out life for himself...

    Dead within a week I bet...

    A lot of Chinese men are in this situation. The low cost of gaming plus the difficulty in finding employment (especially away from major cities) and thus a girlfriend, means that a lot of young men take the easy option and just give up, spending all their time gaming, either at home or in internet cafes. My brother-in-law is one such young man. His parents give in because he is the only one they can turn to when they get old and need taking care of. I don't think there is an easy solution, sadly. If the parents take away the home computer he'll just hang out at internet cafes day and night.

    Very typical of Chinese upbringing where boys are being brought up spoil and expect everything from their parents. One child policy really puts a psychological advantage in favor of the child as he/she is the only benefactor to inheritance and old age care.

    I find it very hard to see this as anything but a grown man throwing a tanty because he can't get his own way and parents who enable it.

    Take the computer out of the room and lock him in. Or, limit his play time to a couple hours a day between nap time, story time and milky pops.

    Another spoilt and pampered "emperor" son.

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