Jim Wallace's Twitter Account Briefly Hacked

Jim Wallace, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, has had his Twitter account hacked, which spent a period of time today spamming unsafe links to his followers, drastically improving the quality of his content.

The account seems to have stabilised, though everything has been deleted until September last year - suggesting Twitter was alerted to the spamming and took control. So far, no one has claimed credit and no explanation has been offered.

Garnering widespread feelings of hostility from the gaming community in the last decade due to its opposition of an R18+ classification for games, The Australian Christian Lobby has retreated somewhat on the gaming front following the introduction of the rating, though its spokespeople are always available for a sensationalist comment. Once one of their favourite topics, now they seem to have diverted that energy to their other major crusade: Opposing gay marriage.


    I think the way this seems to be just another Twitter account hijacking and not anything related to any of their horribly offensive stances makes this even funnier. I really hope that's the case.

    Bearing in mind that this guy is a decorated veteran and the former commander of the A-SAS... does anyone see this ending well?

      I don't think he plays games so we should be safe from any violent reactions.

        But he does consume extemely violent media - have you ever read that book The Bible? Bits of it would leave Bret Easton Ellis feeling ill.

          I love the Bible. As long as you read in between the righteous drivel, it's got bits that remind me of God of War. You get awesome heroes like Samson who apparently stopped an army with the jaw of an ass.

        Bigger picture...

        Think Charlotte Dawson, but with bigger political appeal.

          oh. so, if we troll him and suggest that he kill himself, he might have a melt down and end up going on ACA in tears?
          this sounds like it could be quite fun.

      he lost any repect he had earned the moment he started spotting his bigotry, and being commander of the SAS base does not make one a trained SAS soldier.

    Poor gay marriage, having to take the ACL's misguided crosshairs.
    Better them than us, though, right?

      "They" are "Us"

        I feel like I've been trounced, some how.


          Sensitive enough to feel trounced, yet not sensitive enough to understand that other humans are simply other humans, and that as a society we are all connected, and that what affects some of us, affects all of us.


    Hilarous that he was trained to use some of the worlds most efficient and elite killing tactics in REAL LIFE, but he couldn't stop bitching about make believe violence.

    Maybe he's like one of those priests who harp on about how evil sex is just because he himself has uncontrollable sexual urges that can't be controlled. Such a hypocrite.

    Perhaps old Jimmyf Wallyhat has violent urges he can't control? So every one has to suffer because violence gives him a hardon.

    The ACL should really have its leadership replaced by Father Bob McGuire. That priest is a helluva guy.

      He's too sensible. They're already lacking relevance as an organization. If they just became a bunch of normal people then that would be the end of them as a lobby group - nobody would give them a second of airtime.

    Jim Wallace did make some media release on the second about R18+ video games, saying that since Ron Curry said that the rating would allow consenting adults to play games appropriate to them, this validates their concerns that the entire argument for the R18+ was so selfish adults would play ultra realistic violence and sexually explicit material which will no doubt eventually find its way into the hands of Australia's youth. He also mentions that there is a definitive causal link between consumption of violent video games and increased aggression in youth.

    To be totally honest I'm not surprise the ACL hasn't made some sort of Floodgate media release now that shock horror 3 video games have gotten the R18+ rating. . .

      The problem they've got there is that it's unlikely any of those 3 games would have been refused classification before. These are games which probably would have snuck into the MA15+ rating anyway, but now they're getting a higher rating so it's HARDER for kids to get them that it would have been without the R18+.

    I got one of these today and I don't even follow him, by the time I went to check it it was gone.

    This was on Giz, Kotaku and LH... but I can't find the article on Gizmodo anymore. It seems like they took it down for some reason?

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