• SBS 2 To Broadcast Australian Counter-Strike GO Showdown Live

    Since August 4th, Aussies have been competing with 35 other countries in CS:GO, Hearthstone, and League of Legends in the Australian International eSports Federation World Championship Qualifiers, and the time has come to crown some champs. The climax of the event will be the Grand Final of the Counter-Strike tourney, which will be broadcasted on…

  • The Time We Went Bigfoot Hunting In GTA V

    Remember that GTA V quest in which you hunted Bigfoot? Then it wasn’t really Bigfoot and it felt kind of anticlimactic? Turns out there was a lot more to it (isn’t there always?) and of course that meant I had to load up the game again and see if this was real!

  • The 10 Best Trolls In Dark Souls 3

    Most people playing Dark Souls 3 have beaten it by now, and while some have moved onto newer games like Overwatch, others are simply beating the game again in news ways, or figuring out more inventive methods of trolling people online.