The 10 Best Trolls In Dark Souls 3

Most people playing Dark Souls 3 have beaten it by now, and while some have moved onto newer games like Overwatch, others are simply beating the game again in news ways, or figuring out more inventive methods of trolling people online.

As great a game as Dark Souls 3 is, there’s no denying it’s a tad smaller than the previous games. Even including the optional areas, and even though it’s dense, it’s just not as big as Lordran or Drangleic. The DLC will add to it, of course, but I feel like everyone’s been a bit quicker this time around to jump to the funny troll videos.

And that’s not entirely a bad thing.

So I’ve put together some of my favourite troll operations, and here’s where the standard disclaimer goes about it not being definitive and bla bla bla, just enjoy some funny videos.

Shooting People With Greatbows Off Ledges

While there is an area with high ledges similar to DS1’s Anor Londo, which would be perfect for shooting people off of, it’s kind of ruined by the fact that the same area contains the community-agreed PvP hub. As a result, anytime there’s about to be PvP, people run away from the dangerous ledges. Major sadface.

But there is a spot in the Catacombs where a giant rolling ball forces you to stand on the very edge of oblivion… And when it happens, bam! That greatarrow knocks them clean off.

Blowing People Off Bridges With Knockback

Given the amount of thin bridges in the game, mostly in the Catacombs but elsewhere too, it can be quite annoying going up against someone using any kind of knockback spell. They have to be expert at timing it, though, and it still might take two to knock you off completely — but once it’s done, no amount of estus will save you from gravity.

The Force spell can do this quite well. The Wrath of Gods spell is bigger, and has a longer cast time, but there is a glitch where you can cast it quicker. I had some measure of success when using the weapon art on Morne’s Great Hammer, which is effectively a Wrath of God that scales with your attack rating:

The Fake Ghost

So you know those ghosts you see from time to time, swinging at the air, sitting by the fire, just doing their thing? Through a really weird combination of effects, you can look like one. With the Obscuring Ring to make you invisible if far away, the Untrue White Ring to make you look white, the Hidden Body Spell to make you more transluscent, and optionally the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring to hide the sound of your footsteps, you’re basically a ghost! For added dramatic effect, sit by the fire or swing at nothing to really sell that otherworldly performance!

This can be used to sneak up to someone and backstab them, or purely to shout “Hey!” and mess with them. One Youtuber just wanted to see how many times he could walk past someone without them noticing...

The Kirk Fan Club

Youtube user Iron Pineapple loves using the Dried Finger to get together a four-person gank squad, summoning a red phantom, and messing with them in the funniest ways possible. His most popular effort saw the team don the Armor of Thorns, which interrupts and damages players if you roll into them. Four thorny trolls with neverending rolls? Good times.

Hiding/Chameleon/White Branch

If you’ve got the time to do an epic sit-there-and-wait troll, then more power to you. Several people on the DS3 Reddit have said if they get invaded, they’ll just cast Chamelion or use a White Branch, turning themselves into an environmental object, and walk away for a smoke or a coffee. There are also some hiding spots where you clip into the world and can’t be seen.

When it gets interesting though, is when people do the same thing with a Dried Finger. This opens up your connectivity, allowing more people to invade you, and also attracting saviours from the Blades of the Darkmoon and Blue Sentinels. Your world just became the battleground of the covenants. Sit and watch, or, go enjoy your coffee.

Trolling In Plain Sight

This special form of hiding deserves its own mention. When you dress like the enemy, invaders will run right by you as if you’re part of the world. When, or if, you want to pounce is up to you. It’s even possible to do this while invading, with the Untrue Dark Ring.

The Most Annoying Build In The World

How hilarious is this. By combining some of the heaviest armour in the game, a big ass greatshield, and oodles of strength, stam, and vigour, DamnNoHtml was able to tank almost anything people could throw at him. The shield actually blocks while you shield slam people, meaning you win all trades.

I didn’t see it against weapons designed to get around the shield, or weapons with lots of Bleed damage, but according to the creator it was actually hard to lose.

Estocs And Dark Swords

This one is less funny and more true trolling. Not to imply that the game’s Poise system is anything other than *ahem* “working as intended”, the inability for anyone to tank a hit without using a special ability means the fast frames of the Estoc and highly combo-able Dark Sword are quite annoying to deal with in the hands of an R1 spammer.

The worst is when you get someone who starts with a different weapon, bows for an honourable duel, gets close, and then whips out the Estoc. That’s what the Black Separation Stone is for.

That’s Not How A Staff Works

I wanted to throw in LimitBreakers, just for being amazing. Traditionally, ever since Demon’s Souls, sorcery has been the series’ unofficial easy mode. That all changed in Dark Souls 3. It was hard to come up with a viable build for any kind of magic until just about endgame, when the scaling finally started to kick in. It’s since been patched a bit, but you’re still hindering yourself if you start out as a magic user, either in PvE or PvP.

Luckily, LimitBreakers found a way to make a viable low-level sorcery build. Simply cast Iron Flesh on yourself for a bit of fast-fading pseudo-poise, and bash them with your staff! It’s not that it’s an unbeatable strat by any means, it’s just that people have no idea how to react when they see a sorcerer they can’t trade hits with. They just assume their hits will interrupt you. He didn’t even upgrade his staff.

The Death Star

A shortie, but a goodie. Another four-person gank. Lure one player in, and then unleash the full firepower of this station.

What about you? What are your favourite videos of people who paid the troll toll to get into that boy’s soul? Share ‘em and give us a chuckle.


    Summons that stay on the other side of the boss fog on purpose... So the boss has more hp but you have no help.

      As I've been on both sides of that coin, I think it's safe to say that can be a glitch (though Phantoms can do that because what's stopping them from being dicks?). In some fights, I'd summon a guy and they wouldn't enter (and then leave after some time). In another fight, with me being a Phantom, I could not enter the boss room. I wasn't given the option to enter, so I just ran and rolled hoping something might happen.

      Oh yeah, I've had that several times. Spent a large amount of time Sunbroing. I'm not sure what causes it, but sometimes the host goes in and seems to be a bit laggy and jumpy, and I never get the "critical battle has begun" message and can't enter the fog. Nothing you can do at that stage but Black Crystal out :(

        Like when the host touches the fog gate then hover upwards when passing through? Sunbro just trying to spread sunshine here. All the time.

        Slight subject change,

        Doing an SL1 run? If I remember correctly you've done it in previous souls games.. If so, What weapons do you lean towards? Are summons non existent for you?

        In my SL1 run, Wonderboy (my character) already died 4 times to Pontiff (jerk). I know, I should probably just get good :)

        Dying to get those rings from Archives/Dragon barracks so I can use a decent shield!

          Yeah it's like the host goes up and down in the air a bit as they walk in. That's when I know it's a lost cause.

          SL1 Oh yeah mos def :) All bosses, no summons for me. It's a bit easier this time around I think, since the Deprived attributes are doubled. I remember in DS2 I couldn't even use a club without two-handing, which meant constant switching between two-handing that and the shield. But this time around you can use gear people use anyway, plus an attunement slot, and it's fairly easy to use spells.

          I upped everything from Pontiff onwards on my chan -

          Pontiff is where it starts to get tougher. I used Raw Broadsword with Carthus Flame Arc mostly, with Grass Crest Shield and Fallen Knight Set. With the strength ring you can use the anti-lightning and anti-fire Dragoncrest shields. Nameless was certainly the hardest for me, it's the only fight I embered for because without that I'd basically be committing to a no damage run, heheh.

            I remember in DS2 I couldn't even use a club without two-handing
            Ha! Yeah, I remember doing the same. Strength in Ds2 though? Just staggering things left and right or making pancakes..

            Just watched your Pontiff fight... Cathartic :)

            Derp, completely overlooked using any magic! Not very pragmatic.

            Pontiff is where it starts to get tougher.
            For sure, I forgot to upgrade my weapons until that point. It seems like you'll have to do the no damage run now... But why play on easy mode? Why not try no rolling/blocking as well?

            Last edited 05/06/16 2:58 pm

              Man, did you see that Youtube video of the guy who did an SL1 run with no blocking/parrying/rolling/healing or any iframes? He had to sprint away from everything and find dead zones in boss attacks. It's insane. I think it was NG+6 or something too.

                Yeah, that guy was awesome!

                Sprinting away is a legitimate tactic, Gaping Dragon taught me that :)

                Didn't realise it was a +6 run though, just crazy...

                  How do u do a new game + run but go back down to sl1 for it? Is there an option I'm missing somewhere?

    I just want some good non laggy pvp,it's hard enough getting my mound maker rank up with all the host summons happening let alone a crappy connection!! I keep getting trounced!

      It'd be *such* a good pvp game without the lag. Really doesn't help that the option to disable cross-region play only applies to Japan as well. I'd say 1 in 10 matches I get are suitable for parries, let alone reaction parries.

      You might be better off invading in high traffic areas... Crucifixion woods, After Pontiff and on the way to Consumed king.

      I recently finished purPAL covenant... lame rewards but it all goes towards the Platinum.

        Yeh I'm on ng+++ right now and am almost up to pontiff again, and there's always people lurking there at all levels so I think I'll try putting some red signs down and try dueling. Just 20 more shackles and one more ending to get and I've got all the achievements which is a true rarity for me with any game. Speaks volumes of my love for the game

          Shackles have been fine for me, just put down a purple sign after Sulyvahn and enjoy good PvP action while building up shackles. Try getting summoned for Blue Sentinels or Darkmoon? Hahaha, idled for HOURS on Saturday and Friday nights without a single summon.

            Initially that was me but on my last knight grinding session I got summoned constantly it was great. I may have to return to dark sword spamming while invading because big slow weapons are getting me killed. Along with my sheer incompetence that is.

    I found a way to get onto a roof after the Pontiff Sullyvan bonfire that I don't think anyone knows is possible, it's not an inaccessible area, just a little crenellation in the scenery that I found when I got stuck there as I was jumping down from a catwalk above.

    I'm now helping out my Blade of the darkmoon Pvp peeps get their covenant levels by turning myself into a statue on top of this tiny overhang/roof and letting the game idle while I'm embered and have the way of the blue convene at item equipped. I've had countless invasions for over three hours and still no one has found me.

    So come one, come all, this Saturday to the hose of embers of the Opera's* world for the greatest game of Dark Souls 3 hide and seek you've ever played and maybe earn covenant rewards while you're at it.

    *(I always wear the untrue white ring, so I'm the Phantom of the Opera).

    I just joined the Farron Watchdogs and that crucifixion woods has a lot of action (not as much as forest guardians on DS1 but more lively than the Belfrys in SotFS)

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