Kerrigan Destroying Everything In Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm's Opening

After a five-month hiatus, the Blizzard Cinematics Team finally struck lightning again, sweeping the internet earlier today with this stunning opening cinematic for Starcraft II's upcoming expansion pack Heart Of The Swarm.

It seems no one, not even Terran battlecruisers can stop Kerrigan's plan to fulfil her vengeance.


    ...a link to another news post and two gifs from the video in said post? Was that really necessary?

    That first GIF of Kerrigan alone makes me want to buy the new expansion!

    This entire article is a bit excessive. You could have just added a few more exclamation marks to the first article instead. :p

    Still... WOW!!!!

    The least you could do is create GIFs with better frame rates... These may as well be stop motion videos.

    I really want the old Starcraft in the Starcraft II that we don't have to pay an extra money to get into different race...

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