StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Will Miss 2012

The first StarCraft II expansion is currently in beta, and many hoped that it would be out by the end of this year, but Blizzard shot down those hopes during an investors call today.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime says they're shooting for the first half of 2013.


    It will be out when it's ready........

      No no, it's likely ready, it's gonna be out when Blizzard cbf.

        Or when it is perfect

          Because Diablo 3 was? O_o

            ^ this man nailed it. More like when it's perfect and the decide to change everything and ruin the franchise..

        with the amount of flak blizzards getting about sc2 not being a big competitor in the online market, HOTS has probably gone back to square one.

    Is anyone actually surprised by this?

    So much for 99% completed

      They are currently balancing the mutliplayer, which in fairness can take a very long time.

        multiplayer balance can never be perfect =/

          For a competitive game like SC2 that people actually play for a living though, balance is VERY important. It may not be perfect on release but it's got to be pretty damn close.

    Isn't the BETA done and gone? So unless they're rebuilding again I don't see where the delay is. Maybe cinematics are still be completed, maybe they're tightening security to avoid some of the D3 issues. Or maybe they're just lining up the date so it works for them fiscally.

      They haven't even started to rebalance the units for the Beta. So far they've only been trying to work out how to use the new units (the Oracle and Mothership Core seem to be getting reworked constantly).

      Once they've settled on what they want the units to do, then they can start dialling in the numbers to get everything to play nicely together.

      Getting the multiplayer right is a huge thing for a game like Starcraft 2. The campaign is a much simpler thing to get sorted out, although they have been getting community feedback on lore issues from the first game. So maybe they're working on that stuff too.

    Most people are fuckheads.

    It's in beta. The single player is DONE.
    Sc2 multiplayer has a long way to go, unbalanced and kinda boring with some of the added units becoming too same-ey.

    And for the guy that said " nothing is ever perfectly balanced" - play the hots beta; yeah you may not reach 100% but it can be certainly better than what is available now.

      This ^ mp changes are needed sp would be done.. They also need to fully test clans and all that other new crap destiny cried about

    There is a direct correlation between the negative thoughts that you have about other people and the negative thoughts that you have about yourself.

    Looks like they're taking the HL Episode 3 approach. This is exactly what I was concerned about when they announced splitting it up.

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