Load "BioShock Infinite",8,1


    No no no.. the '8' means floppy disc not dat tape.. if memory serves?

      Correct about ,8 being for disk drive, did the Vic 20 even have disk drives?
      As for which version will be better I think as the Bioshock series use Unreal engine tech they would be better on the 360 as is historicity the case in multi format unreal based tittles.Of-course a mid-high-end pc will be best.

        Too true, too many times I would stuff around and type 'Load "*.*",8,2 or something and it would load perfectly. I realised you didn't need the ,1 at the end only the ,8.

        Of course as we all know, the Vic20 was just a beast of a machine with those giant 20cm wide cartridges...

          Now you tell me.. :O
          All those keystrokes typing ,1every single time .. I'll never get them back.

    I guess after getting called out on using Notch's tweets as news they had to find a new source.

    ,8 denotes that you want disc drive. the following would specify what disc drive you wanted. For example ,8,1 would be disc drive 1. ,8,2 would be the second drive and so on.

      The 8 refers to the device number. If a second drive was attatched, the new drive is device 9. The datasette was the default storage device, not needing the ",X" suffix, but it could be addressed that way.

    The point being, the amount of Discs is irrelevant...

      Though I always get a kick out of reliving the days of "Insert Disk 3 to continue", "Insert Disk 7 to continue", etc.

        Seems nightmarish now. Hell, swapping discs on a console is considered primitive.

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