Lockout Over, NHL GameCenter Takes To The Ice On Xbox Live

The NHL's debut on Xbox Live, delayed by the league's 119-day lockout, finally arrived today when NHL GameCenter became available for download.

Though the app itself is free, watching live games (broadcasts outside of your local TV market) requires a $US49.99 subscription when play resumes tomorrow . The price was cut by more than half of its usual full-season price in light of the work stoppage that shortened the season to 48 games from 82. Other features are free of charge.

NHL GameCenter has been available on the PlayStation 3 since 2010, and also is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. The Xbox 360 version features Kinect-enabled controls for surfing current games, highlights, and a vault of 800 games going back to the 1960s, among other features.

NHL GameCenter launches on Xbox LIVE [Major Nelson]


    IIRC opening night (morning for us) is free to watch. But youll have to pay to watch anything after that. Nevertheless I'm so damn excited hockey is back!! Go Hawks!!

      As a life-long Kings fan (I'm from LA, played through university level in the US) I must say, especially 12 hours from the puck dropping between my boys and yours:

      F the blackhawks :)

    The one $50 subscription can be used on all devices also. Grab a $50 iTunes card from Harvey Norman for $40 this weekend and pay for your subscription on an iOS device. Season pass = $40. Go flyers!

    Is this on ps3? Can't find the app and I want to be able to watch the Canucks on the big screen!

      You will need to create a psn account with an American address (use a hotel address). Once the app is downloaded you can access it from any psn account on the console. They have not released the ps3 2013 update yet so you will have to make do with iOS, android or web for a couple weeks

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