Snow Creatures And Cute Characters: Winter Hijinks Cover Tokyo

Yesterday, a snow storm blew through Tokyo, blanketing the metropolis in white. For Tokyo, this was the first snowfall of 2013, and residents did not let the opportunity for some winter fun pass them by.

Creative types sculpted nude torsos, sea creatures, and numerous manga, anime and video game characters. Then, there were snow sculptures that were funny, bizarre or both.

Last year when it snowed in Tokyo, creative snowmen like @Daioki's Mr Saturn from Earthbound appeared. This year, @Daioki returned with a Metal Slime from Dragon Quest, which you can see in the gallery, along with other impressively geeky works.

Sometimes Tokyo can feel stiff and oppressive. It's easy to forget how much creativity energy the city has. Snow days like this bring out good reminders.

If you are into snow sculptures (and really, why aren't you?), last year's Sapporo Snow Festival saw its fair share of nerdy snow art.















大雪の日に現れたユニークな雪だるまたち [Togetter via ITMedia] 今日は大雪! [ひよこ] 各地で確認された「すごい雪だるま」まとめ [Naver]

Top picture: @daioki


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