The Beauty Of A Microwaved CD

Do not try this at home. Or at work. Or wherever. Microwaving a CD is dangerous. It's also beautiful.

Via Twitter user @ao_0356 comes this series of photos showing what happens when you fry a CD in the microwave. If the stills are not enough to satisfy your curiosity, here's a YouTube video showing how CDs light up when microwaved.

As website Byoukan Sunday points out, this is like something out of a science-fiction flick.

レンジでチンしたCD が格好良過ぎる件について [@ao_0356 via 秒刊SUNDAY]


    No description of why it's dangerous? C'mon, at least paste a wiki article's summary in here. It is awesome, however.

      A CD has a metal layer, metal and mircowaves are a bad combination.

    Brian Ashcraft - bringing the latest news from 2002.

    Snarkiness aside, they make awesome coasters. They'll also make your kitchen reek of burning plastic.

    Sheesh! Are kids still burning CDs these days? I remember doing that like 10 years ago...

    I'd thought we'd moved on to microwaving MP3s a long time ago...

    my mum does this and then makes birthday cards on them. you just put a splah of water on the back and microwave it for 2 seconds

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