The Most Badass Dragons In Gaming

Whether they're allies or foes, tiny or towering beasts, robotic, undead or living, the kings of reptiles will always represent brutal power in any game. When they make their appearance, you can be certain that devastation, destruction, and, well, probably the end of the game, will follow.

We have collected below some of the most badass dragons video games can offer.

Up top is Onyxia from World of Warcraft, via the WoWwiki.

Ridley / Robot Ridley (Metroid series)

Source: DragoonMyuutsu's longplay of Metroid: Zero Mission

Rayquaza (Pokémon)

Source: Bulbapedia

Volvagia (The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time)

Source: XHolyPuffX's longplay of the game

Spyro the Dragon (Spyro series)

Source: Spyro Wiki

Alduin (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Source: The Elder Scroll Pages

Dran Draggore (Eye Of The Beholder II: The Legend Of Darkmoon)

Source: Doommaster's longplay of the game

Queen Of The Blackmarsh (Dragon Age: Origins)

Source: Dragon Age Wiki

Black Dragon Kalameet (Dark Souls)

Source: Dark Souls Wiki

Solo Wing Dragon Form (Panzer Dragoon Saga)

Source: xDriver4's longplay of the game

Fafnir (Megami Tensei series)

Source: Megami Tensei Wiki

Bahamut (Final Fantasy series)

Sources: samcadaris', WarrWeeny's and veteran0121's videos of FFVII, FFVIII and FFX

What did we miss? Add your favourites below.


    When they make their appearance, you can also be certain that the writer has no imagination. There is literally an infinite amount of other more interesting imaginary creatures to put in your story.

    Say what you will about the game, I think the blood dragon you eventually gain control of in Lair was a beast without equal. Hell, all of the dragons Lair that aren't cannon fodder for the player are pretty cool.

    Sketetal Dragon - Breath of Fire III
    Kaiser Dragon/Grand Dragon - Breath of Fire
    Back Mountain Dragon - Breath of Fire II
    Mana Beast - Secret of Mana
    Flammie - Secret of Mana
    Sterling - Secret of Evermore
    Dragovian Master - Dragon Quest VIII
    Shinryu - Final Fantasy

    I can go on..

      Exactly. How can you have an article about dragons and not include the ones from the Breath of Fire series? A series about Dragons!

    The magic dragon in Golden Axe was badass......

    No Barubary or even Kaiser?

    although not a organic dragon i would have to put Dragonzord from mighty morphin power rangers on the list

    Why has no one mentioned Bowser?

    He would have to be one of the most iconic and longstanding dragons in videogame history.

      bowser is a fire breathing turtle not a dragon

        that sounds like a dragon to me......

    Zhaitan from Guild Wars 2 or go home.

    He's so badass he doesn't even have a bottom jaw, he has HYDRAS

    I was nerd raging hard until Sylus mentioned Firkraag.

    Kerafyrm, The Sleeper from Everquest. For those who don't know who Kerafyrm is, read number 5 on this list.

    Nice to see Kalameet [Dark Souls DLC/PTD] get a nod, but nothing on the Gaping Dragon [Dark Souls] (Freudian vagina complex much?), the Dragon God [Demon's Souls] (as big as all outdoors and twice as mean) or Seath The Scaleless [Dark Souls]? Sure, Seath is all white and crystal-worm-taily but you have to give him badass points for betraying and exterminating his entire race for a shot at immortality. Does that qualify as badass or just being a prick?

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