This Was 2012's Most Accessible Game For Disabled Gamers

AbleGamers, a "a nonprofit that helps gamers with disabilities", has revealed its winners for its 2013 accessible game of the year.

Overall, top prize went to the PC version of EA Sports' FIFA 13, for its customisable controls, high contrast colours, visual cues and a mouse-only control scheme.

For disabled gamers with Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and even one-handed gamers, the ability to play such a sophisticated sports game with simple controls that can be handled by a trackball or mouse mean gamers who may not have been able to enjoy iconic sporting activities like baseball, football, hockey or soccer can now take part in the fun.

Other winners included XCOM for mostly the same reasons, and the indie game Colour Bind, because, well, it comes with colour blindness support baked in.

FIFA 13 is the 2012 AbleGamers Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year [AbleGamers, via GamePolitics]


    Good work EA. And Firaxis too. It's great to see businesses actually showing consideration for their disabled customers.

    Last edited 04/01/13 8:18 am

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