When Hardcore Games Meet Hardcore/Punk Album Covers

The other day, I thought to myself: "I've been working at Kotaku for nearly a year and not once have I brought up the band Black Flag and the game EarthBound in the same post." Then I thought to myself, "You know what I should do? Fire up Photoshop and make that a reality."

What follows are a few examples of what happens when you take the iconography from hardcore gaming and merge them with Hardcore and punk rock. Enjoy.

Above: What the Black Flag logo would looked like if Shigesato Itoi had taken that job as frontman instead of Henry Rollins.

What Pac Man Does is Secret.

Good Phantoms (Don't Wear White)

Our Own Luke Plunkett added this bit of Swedish Corvocore.

But wait, it's not over. Now it's time to open this pit up. Tell us your favourite Hardcore punk album covers through the lens of gaming in the comments. But don't feel too beholden to semantics of Hardcore. Remember: 'This is not a set of rules...'


    so many of these, even for cartoons my favorite is the trapped under ice one for the ep stay cold it has ice king from adventure time on it

    Minor Threat is the single greatest band to ever exist. So awesome to see my two loves (punk rock and gaming) thrown together in such a way!!!

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