Aaaaaahhhhhh! It's A Medieval Brawl In Low-Gravity

There's already a lot to like about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the first-person medieval combat game from Torn Banner. But there's perhaps even more to like about this video of a bunch of people playing on a low-gravity server. Hang with it for about 30 seconds and you'll be sold.


(Via Chris Remo)


    Nah that screaming would drive me nuts.

    yes! finally chivalry gets some more good press! its the best game! there is an aussie server called #YOLO where they always play in low gravity free-for-all matches.
    @andy - any good chivalry player will tell you that hammering the c button while running into battle is the single most effective way to feel like a balls-to-the-wall unstoppable badass

    reminds me of crouching tiger hidden dragon with a medieval setting



    Low gravity makes every game better.

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