• Chivalry 2 Player Only Needs Bread To Kill

    Chivalry 2 Player Only Needs Bread To Kill

    Despite its serious medieval trappings, Chivalry 2 matches can get pretty slapstick-y thanks to the game allowing players to use anything at their disposal to take down opponents. Case in point, this recent Reddit post showing a creative Chivalry 2 player scoring two kills in a row with a weapon made of whole grains rather…

  • Aaaaaahhhhhh! It’s A Medieval Brawl In Low-Gravity

    There’s already a lot to like about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the first-person medieval combat game from Torn Banner. But there’s perhaps even more to like about this video of a bunch of people playing on a low-gravity server. Hang with it for about 30 seconds and you’ll be sold.