Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Gets A Beefy Free Update

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Gets A Beefy Free Update

The enjoyable first-person slashing game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has gotten its first (entirely free!) content update, and it’s a doozy. New maps and arenas, new weapons, a control update, and lots of polish and graphical improvements. Heck yeah. This is how you do a content update.

You can see info on the update in the trailer above. The full list is below, via the Chivalry website:

13 New Maps – Citadel – Frigid – Argon’s Wall – And 10 new duel arenas

5 New Weapons – Sling – Quarterstaff – Polehammer – Flail – Heavy Flail

2 New Game Modes – Duel Mode (For intense 1v1 Action) – Capture the Flag

Alternate Swings – Can now do left to right swings!

Improved Server Browser Blood Decals now paint to the ground when you hit an enemy Can now adjust how long Corpses stay on the battlefield Much Stronger Hack and Cheat Protection Music Jukebox in options menu for listening to full Chivalry soundtrack ingame Optimization Greatly Improved Spectator mode Balance adjustments Bug fixes General Polish


  • So they’re officially including duel mode? That’s a great way to play but since it was unofficial it led to loads of anger on the servers it was being played on when people didnt know the rules.

  • I’ve been keen to check this out huh, but I’ve also had my eye on War of the Roses. Having loved Mount & Blade, what’s some opinions on the two? I’ve heard Chivalry is a bit easier to get into?

    • Chivalry is awesome. Smaller maps than Mount & Blade, and obviously no horse combat, but a focus on really tight melee combat. It’s very visceral – rushing into battle shouting a battle cry and engaging another playing in a clash of swords in Chivalry is the closest I imagine you can feel to real battle short of LARPing. The tutorials are good and I found it very easy to get into.

    • Wars of the Roses is the better medieval combat ‘simulator’ with a lot more options for customisation. Chivalry is Wars of the Roses for CoD players. Wars of the Roses has a mild mannered community, Chivalry has plenty of trash talking 12 year old douchebags.

    • Totalbiscuit did a good comparison. War of roses is a good third person combat simulator but actual combat has alot to be desired is just hit hit hit until health drops to zero where as Chivalry has satisfying combat and is first person, and knowing when you hit someones head with a sword its going to decapitate them.

    • Have played both extensively. I originally had played a lot of Mount and Blade, and was very hyped for WoTR (and was actually sceptical of Chivalry), but was sorely disappointed on release. It has a lot of balancing issues, feels way more sluggish than M&B, and is quite buggy. Chivalry on the other hand has a lot of players, and is brilliant in a lot of different ways.

      Chivalry is the superior game, although WoTR is more similar to M&B.

  • Good for them. The basic idea of the game was very appealing, but the lack of “professional” polish kind of deterred me from playing once I bought the game – on video it looks great, but when you get closer and play it yourself, it looks and feels like a game made by students (albeit very talented ones) who haven’t really had proper industry experience other than making the mod. I think this game has been consistently in the top 10 on Steam, up there with Arma 2, so hopefully the new flow of cash Torn Banner are starting to see means they can hire a couple of veterans to help polish things up a bit more.

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