Capcom Unveils New PS4 Fantasy Game Deep Down

Capcom's always-adorable Yoshinori Ono has made an appearance at Sony's PS4 unveiling to announce Deep Down (working title), a new IP.

It's based on a new Capcom engine codenamed Panta Rhei, and has dudes in armour fighting huge dragons. Well, until the end, when things get weirdly sci-fi.

More pics below.


    I would like that

    Cyberpunk.....WITH DRAGONS!

    They could be half cyborg dragons

    They could even shoot tiny bee sized dragons from their mouths


    This is about the only game so far for PS4 that has made me want to buy one at launch. It shows a hell load of promise!

    I'm interested to see if that sci-fi ending is actually part of the game or if it's just some share/chat function thing of the PS4.

    This kinda looks like "Dragon's Den" - The reboot.
    The UI is so minimal it just looks like an interactive movie...

    To anyone that doesn't know the game.

    It was a gorgeous cinematic. Actually keen to see how this turns out, and how it compares to Dark Souls in terms of gameplay.

    I hope the frame rate gets better on the finished game.

    Incredible. If the final game looks like this I'll be well and truly impressed.

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