No Minecraft On Nintendo Makes No Sense

No Minecraft On Nintendo Makes No Sense

Is there a bigger no-brainer in gaming that isn't happening right now than Minecraft's absence on all Nintendo gaming machines?

Today, Minecraft comes out for PS3:

It's already out on Xbox 360:

It's coming to PS4:

No Minecraft On Nintendo Makes No Sense

Minecraft is big on iOS, too! Check out the top of these charts, released by Apple today:

Top paid iPhone Apps of 2013

1. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Top paid iPad Apps of 2013

1. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Kids love Minecraft. Adults do, too. And Minecraft is on everything...

No Minecraft On Nintendo Makes No Sense

Except this...

No Minecraft On Nintendo Makes No Sense

And this...

No Minecraft On Nintendo Makes No Sense

The Wii U sure could use one of the world's most popular games, don't you think? The person who made this mock-up video sure thought so:

Sadly, none of these mock-up versions of Minecraft for 3DS, Wii U or Wii are real:

No Minecraft On Nintendo Makes No Sense

But these Nintendo tributes in actual games of Minecraft are..

No Minecraft On Nintendo Makes No Sense

Nintendo fans play Minecraft. They just can't play it on Nintendo systems. The mind boggles as to how this can be.

We've beaten this drum before. Today's PS3 release and Apple charts just make the situation more absurd.

Not since Nintendo let Grand Theft Auto III avoid the GameCube a decade ago has there been as glaring an omission of a game the world loves from a Nintendo platform.

I've asked Minecraft studio Mojang before why Minecraft on Nintendo hasn't happened. I've asked Nintendo. I've never gotten a clear answer. In September, a Nintendo rep told GameSpot: "We're big fans. We have a continuing relationship with Mojang, and respect all the work that they're doing, but no announcements at this time."

Tomorrow, Nintendo will hold a Nintendo Direct covering games coming out this spring on 3DS and Wii U. I have no inside info. I'm not hinting. I'm just shaking my head and saying tomorrow would be a good time to announce something.

UPDATE: Here's Minecraft creator Notch who handed the day-to-day running of Minecraft to colleagues of his at Mojang some time ago. He's responding to someone who asked him about this post and why the game isn't on Nintendo platforms. Curiouser and curiouser!


    Small CPU, full version wouldn't run very well. - 3ds cpu - wiiU cpu (not sure if thats for the system of the handheld though.) - Original wii cpu

      They should be able to run the mobile version though.

        They would work on optimising it for each console...

      Small CPU, full version wouldn't run very well.
      Well the PS3 and 360 versions must suck then...

        the ps3 and x-box have better cpus try reading the articles i posted

          Well seeing as the WiiU CPU is on par or better than the PS3 and Xbox360 according I'll have to disagree with you.

    If Minecraft doesn’t come to Wii U, maybe it’s time for Nintendo to make their own? They are more than capable of putting something similar out in less than 6 months. Also, Minecraft isn’t the first game to the whole block/build type game. It just ended up being the best.

      But a lot of people think it's the first. I'm sure if Nintendo made their own Minecraft-esque game, people would yell "This is just a rip-off of Minecraft!". I remember something along those lines happening with Terraria, "Oh, it's just a 2D Minecraft!" or "Minecraft rip-off!"

    Makes perfect sense to me. Mojang = 3rd Party
    Nintendo + 3rd Party = 1 / 0 = [email protected]!?%!&^*^&^!&*$^!%$^!?
    It's all in the maths :P

    Seriously though there's heaps of things that Nintendo 'should' do, why they won't? who the fuck knows.
    Why not make a new Pokemon Snap - WiiU is perfect for it? Or any console Pokemon for that matter.
    Why not make a new console Zelda? (Windwaker HD doesn't count)
    Why not a new Metroid or hell even a new IP?
    I'm sure they are working on some (or all) of these things now but really, it's been over a year now... wtf have they been doing?

    I'd love it on the Wii U. It'd be a perfect game to use the GamePad as an inventory screen (I know that concept gets a lot of flak, but it actually suits this game a lot). Using the GamePad to display the more intrusive HUD elements would be really good, freeing up the TV to display the Minecraft world.

    Of course, being a Wii U game, you could have an off-screen mode where the GamePad is used like a regular TV screen for the full game experience while the TV is being used by something else.

    And once Minecraft is all over every console and patched to be identical, surely some cross-platform multiplayer would be the next step?

      Yeah, gamepad for inventory/map/crafting would be pretty great!

    Nintendo not going after GTA for the GameCube was one of the biggest blunders of that generation.

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