Dreaming Of A Breaking Bad Video Game That Looks This Awesome

Dreaming Of A Breaking Bad Video Game That Looks This Awesome

It’s hugely popular, but there’s no Breaking Bad video game. There probably won’t be either, given the nature of the show.

But let’s dream there could be! And that star Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, looked like he does here, in a series of 3D models done as fan work by Frank Tzeng, a 3D artist at Sony’s Santa Monica studio.




Walter White [Frank Tzeng @ CGHub]


  • This needs to happen. Would love to see a developer like Rockstar tackle such a game, likewise a Sons of Anarchy game. (Which is supposedly happening, but unfortunately not by Rockstar)

      • Personally I don’t think i’d go for a Breaking Bad game by Telltale. The Walking Dead suited them and they did an amazing job! But I don’t think Breaking Bad would fit well with their style. I feel Breaking Bad should be an open world style, but a bit more like L.A. Noire in terms of execution.

        • Only problem would be I can’t see any characters other than the Walt/Jesse combo, whereas The Walking Dead has a backstory that suits random characters that don’t have to have any contact with the main cast. A Breaking Bad game in my opinion would have to be completely linear if you had that TV characters in it.

          • Yeah, I get where you’re coming from.

            The way I see it there’s enough characters to instigate a sort of open world but keeping it linear enough. Like there’s enough side story to have involvement with Hank and possibly Mike when he shows up for sure & maybe even Skylar, and even then you could even have Marie & Walt Jr have very minor involvement with player interaction, I think there’s enough there.

            But I would also like to see the story expanded a bit more in terms of events between some things. Since it being a TV show they can only do so much in 45 minutes an episode.

        • No way man. BB is just complete narrative, it’s shit situation after shit situation, that Walt and Jesse must choose the less shit outcome. Perfect for TT.

  • It could happen. drugs in video games is not unheard of.
    but not if they’re used as incentives. then it’ll be a no-no.

  • It would work if you played the part of distributors of the meth, taking orders from Gus, Mike, then Jesse, possible Walt.

    If they were to allow playing as Walt/Jesse, I imagine the actual drug making either wouldn’t be shown, or completely dumbed down. Even then I suspect the game would come under intense scrutiny/censorship.

  • I see a couple of possibilities: Either a GTA-like game, where you play as a secondary character with the same kind of relation to Walt’s story as any main GTA character has to the story of the previous games, or a Civilization-style game that focuses on development of your tech tree, diplomatic relations with other gangs/cartels/authorities, and warfare, from the point of view of Gus/Walt/Saul/Cartel/DEA etc.
    OR: did anyone play drugwars on TI 83+?

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