For Reasons Unknown, Hollywood Thinks Another Hitman Movie Is A Good Idea

You may remember the Hitman movie. It only came out in 2007. That's enough time to have passed for Hollywood to have decided it's time for another one, and this time, according to Deadline, it's going to be a reboot.

Of a so-so movie. Based on a franchise that was popular in 2007, but which has had some of the shine taken off with the lukewarm reception to its most recent game.

What a great idea this is.

The new flick will star Fast & the Furious' Paul Walker, is co-written by the same guy who wrote the last Hitman movie (Skip Woods), and will be directed by Aleksander Bach, "a highly regarded commercials director making his feature helming debut."

It'll be called Agent 47. Distributors Fox see "this as a potential gold mine both in the U.S. but especially in the overseas marketplace". I'll have whatever they're drinking, thanks.

Fox Reloading ‘Hitman' With Paul Walker As Bald Barcoded Assassin Agent 47 [Deadline]


    If it's not rated PG, sure. Paul Walker? Hell no. That's a worse choice than Timothy Olyphant.

      HEY! Raylan Givens demands respect, dammit!

        And Raylan will get it. Justified is a brilliant show. Hell he was even awesome in The Crazies. However, as Agent 47 he was just wrong, a total babyface. However, that being said he HAS aged since then, and he has a more world weary face now. How he looks NOW is more age appropriate to the part.

    Should of got Vin Diesel and save $10 on a haircut

    I honestly didn't think the first movie was that bad, but I'm not convinced a second is a great idea. But hey, maybe.

      For an action movie, I thought Hitman was great. As an adaption of the video game, it was awful.

        Your right on the money. It was an interesting if predictable movie with great action sequences and all the cliches you could expect. I enjoy the movie for what it is. Plus if it was based solely on gameplay, no one would die and at the end an achievement would pop up!

    Be thankful that Uwe Boll has nothing to do with this!

      I would rather watch the Uwe Boll version (at least early UB work) than someone who probably tried and failed.

        Only good work Uwe has ever done was Darfur and Rampage. All the rest is shit.

    It's actually not a bad idea; the original version for the movie was actually pretty good, up until Fox ordered the editor to reshoot parts of the film.

    That said, if Fox is still involved and make the same mistakes as last time this could just be history repeating itself.

    I don't think a second instalment would be a great idea. The first movie is good but it does't have the whole elements of a Hitman game (stealth, disguise). Of course in the game you can go full on shoot out but one of the most important element is stealth in the game and it doesn't exist in the movies (even if it does, the movie can get boring because watching a guy sneaking around and changing into disguise for 1 and a half hour of 2 hours is fun). This is the same problem as the Max Payne movie because the movie is just all about action, not enough Max Payne elements like shootdodge, dual wield.

    I didn't mind the first one. The action was nice, the nudity was good, but yes game to movie wise terrible.

    i thought hitman was good. i cant stand paul walker so definately wont be seeing this new one

      I enjoyed the first one, the fight in the train yard was cool. but Paul Walker? seriously? he doesn't have enough menace to be number 47. too much of a pretty boy.
      Saying that though, I might watch it on DVD...

    I really liked the first movie.
    And I think Timothy did a good job. It wasn't 100% true to the spirit of hit man, and the story was a bit out of place, but it was very enjoyable.
    It's pretty much how I see most game - movie adaptations. Hollywood will always take some liberties.

    I also don't agree that the latest game has been "luke warm" - but that might just be Luke (if you know what I mean).

    Walker is a terrible casting choice.

    I enjoyed the first one (although as with several others, agree it wasn't a good representation of the games).
    I don't quite get the level of hate this movie in particular gets. Just cool to hate on?

    Anyway, the first one had a budget of ~24 million (
    It brought home somewhere in the area of 100 million (
    I'd call that a success, and can see why they'd consider a sequel.

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