Gollum Tells Us What He Really Thinks About The Lord Of The Rings

Or would it be more accurate to say these are the thoughts of Andy Serkis, the man behind Gollum in the The Lord of the Rings movies? You decide. Here's footage by wrst88 of Serkis going all Gollum on us when asked about the LotR movies, and one thing is for sure: there's conflict!

Andy Serkis on Gollum [wrst88 via The Mary Sue]


    I think you're confusing conflict with light hearted comedy.

      For once I won't roll my eyes at a Patricia Hernandez post and accept her original wording too!

      It's the Smeagol/Gollum conflict she speaks of, I would like to think.

        Sometimes I have my doubts that people can get satire and tongue in cheek messing about...
        But Why would Gollum like the movies... he is treated the crap and dies in every edition. :p

        Last edited 07/02/13 12:24 am

    The conflict refers to Smeagol vs Gollum not so much Andy vs LOTR.

    Agreed it was pretty good, but by far his best out of movie performance has to be
    for the MTV best virtual performance acceptance speech

    Andy Serkis - he played Gollum in LoTR and Monkey in Enslaved. Two almost diametrically opposed characters: he excelled at both.

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