PC Modders Still Hard At Work Fixing Aliens: Colonial Marines

You may have heard that Aliens: Colonial Marines has some problems. Among those problems is the fact that the PC version of the game looks like pretty raggedy. The ship interiors and darkly-lit alien worlds taking very little advantage of recent advances in PC graphics technology.

While the game itself — the levels, the writing, the audio — may be beyond saving, that's not going to stop intrepid PC modders from doing their damnedest to improve it. Soon after the game came out, several mods surfaced that would enable DirectX 10 support and enhance Colonial Marines' lighting effects, which were a notable weakness of the vanilla game. (Top image is another slider is of the SweetFX mod via Dsogaming.)

Other users have taken to tweaking the game's .ini file to make it more detailed and add support for modern video cards, as well as increasing the number of dead space-marines the game can show, among other things.

Steam user adonys has posted this comprehensive list of .ini tweaks, along with some downloadable .rar packages containing all of the modifications. It's a work in progress, and I haven't had a chance to test the tweaks out myself, but they sound worth a shot.

Among adonys' findings when studying the game's settings is the fact that the game doesn't even appear capable of recognising modern PC graphics cards. You'll have to go in and manually add support for advanced functionality.

- none of the new generation video cards are listed into the compatibilities files, and therefore my 680 GT OC was loaded with the default batch settings no 4, instead of 5 (which is the maxed out one).


It'll be interesting to see just how far modders can push this game beyond its initial flawed state.

(Via Eurogamer)


    If Gearbox are smart they'll pump out some decent mod tools and get something happening with this.

    Last edited 19/02/13 5:45 pm

      If Gearbox are smart they will collect all these decent mods and release it as an official patch.

        If gearbox are smart.......

    But can they fix the GAMEPLAY...

      That's it. Does not matter if they make it the best looking game ever. If the game play is still shite and the A.I. still retarded then looking great does not help one bit.

    That doesn't really look improved as such. It looks like they've just gotten into the post processing and turned the contrast up way too high so the highlights and shadows get completely oversaturated.

    Last edited 19/02/13 10:50 pm

      Actually I've played with this mod (SweetFX) and DX10 and it massively improves the game. It actually looks really good.

    Id imagine soon enough they will fix the gameplay somehow and save this, then hopefully everyone downloads the game and mods because the PUBLISHERS DON'T DESERVE THE MONEY FOR THE COMMUNITIES HARD WORK.

    You can polish a turd, but underneath the shine it's still a turd.

      Actually you can't polish a turd. You can, however, throw glitter on it.

    If a bunch of modders have to fix their game then they should stop making games.

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