Gearbox Is Working On More Patches To Fix Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox recognises that there are some...flaws with Aliens: Colonial Marines. That's why they're continuing to work on patching the game.

At their PAX East panel today, the developers announced a few more fixes that players will see in future patches.

Chris Faylor community manager at Gearbox mentioned the most notable changes:

  • More aggressive AI
  • Tweaked difficulty
  • Better data protection
  • More combat feedback (Smart Gun Tracking, Xeno Death Animation)
  • Improved PC Visuals
  • Support for Hot Fixes coming online


    I'm glad they are supporting the game the way they should be, maybe one day it will be worth going back to and trying again.

    I am actually kinda shocked Gearbox are taking the time to try and fix the problems. I almost expected them to wash their hands of it and push it behind them. They do obviously take pride in their work and while the launch was a complete mess it's good to see them trying to make the effort to fix problems that really should have been ironed out with another delay to the game and some honesty with the consumers ("Sorry, we're delaying it again because it's not ready... Development process on this game has been less than stellar and we'd rather delay the game than launch a turd").

    Activision on the other hand won't be making any changes to the woeful Walking Dead Survival Instinct, a game which I've heard is so broken it's not worth it, yet so non-generic (with interesting survival gameplay) that it's painful to see how bad it is (Watch TotalBiscuits "WTF is" video)... And yet they will definitly wash their hands and move on.

      A lot of the issues with quality over time have been affected by legal issues. Apparently delaying the game one more time could have ended with a legal dispute between Gearbox and the publisher (Sega).

        Instead it ended with consumers feeling ripped off and Gearbox's reputation in the gutter... Damn I hate game publishers, always pushing out unfinished products because they don't want to give the devs the time they need to do it right... Although I guess you could say Gearbox did bring it on themselves by not managing development better and outsourcing the work.

          Many developers take pride of their work and try to make the consumers happy of the product.

            Yes, but pride and consumer happiness had nothing to do with Gearbox sitting on a development contract for years until Sega was ready to sue for non-delivery and Gearbox, in turn, was forced to outsource development.

              Well lets hope Gearbox won't stuff up the new Brothers in Arms game.

                Gearbox doesn't make bad games. most of the game from gearbox I've played are decent, however saga.....

          After 6 years, you really can't say blame the publisher for pushing out an unfinished product. Maybe Gearbox should have actually spent time on the game instead of focusing on Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

            Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. If they wanted to make Borderlands 2 then they shouldn't have taken on the Aliens job in the first place. Sega already gave them a very lengthy delay to get it right. They've got a business to run - they can't just keep pouring money into it, at some point they have to release it in order to get some cash flow coming in for it. Even if they'd delayed it again, it's questionable whether the delay would have been enough for them to improve it enough that it'd significantly increase sales.

              Never mind 2, they started working on Aliens before the first Borderlands was announced. :/

                Good point. Sega shouldn't have given them the job in the first place if it wasn't going to be their top priority. It would have been cool if they'd been able to get Free Radical to do it, assuming they could get in there after the release of Haze and before they shut down.

          How much do you think you ACTUALLY know about game publishers?

    Gearbox still continue polishing a turd.

    So will those bulletpoint fixes actually improve the game. Any news on single player DLC to fix the story?

    Oh awesome so it might be worth buying when its in the discount bin?

    But no amount of patches will fix the fact that the enemy you fight the most is not the titular Aliens, or that terrible story.

      Of the levels I've played thus far only 3 have featured enemies other than the aliens, and two of those featured the aliens as well. In any case, one of the fundamental elements of the films series has been the idea that humanity are the real bastards. As Ripley put it, "You don't see them screwing each other over for a Goddamn percentage."

    If they start fixing it I'll probably buy it. I love the Alien series... hell Im watching Aliens now on my other screen (Ripley just met Newt... ugly little fudger). If they can get it to an 'acceptable' quality then yea I'll jump in. As is, its a hard sell, but Im listenin to what they are tryin to do.

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