Maybe Mods Can Improve Aliens: Colonial Marines On PC

No other version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is as disappointing as the PC edition, seeing as it ships with such limited support for even the most basic level of visual flair gamers on the platform are accustomed to.

Seeking to fix that though, as they always do, are modders, who in only a few days have managed to make big strides in addressing the way the game looks.

One such mod adds DirectX 10 support to the game, enabling better lighting, shadows, weapon reflections and muzzle flashes. It also makes the game load faster.

Another is called SweetFX, which gets a little more artistic, playing around with the game's shadows and lighting to try and make it feel more like an authentic Aliens experience.

The latter is a take-it-or-leave-it affair, based a lot on taste, but the DX10 will be a must for anyone persevering with the game. It makes a big difference.

You can see a SweetFX comparison at the top of this post, while below are a couple of shots from the DX10 upgrade.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Can Look Good — SweetFX vs Vanilla [DSOGaming, via PC Gamer] AliensDX10 Better Grafik and Light [ModDB]


    Difference between this and say Dark Souls was that Dark Souls was a good game with performance and graphical issues which could be fixed. Colonial Marines is a bad game with bad performance and visuals.

    Still laughing at getting a refund on steam a day before launch when the bad word starting coming out!!

    I will check the game out when it's cheap, hopefully there's some mods.

    Really from what I have seen online, this game is a disgrace. Especially when you see the comparisons between the game play demo and the final game. How the hell did everything go backwards? They clearly at one point had the game with better graphics, animation and lighting. Like wtf? Unless they never did and some how that game play demo was a complete fraud and not one.

    I'm amazed that given the differences between the demo and the release product that no one's up in arms about false advertising.

    It's fairly possible that Gearbox improved the demo to suck people into thinking it was an accurate representation of the full version.

    There's no depth in this game so improving the visuals won't do much...I did give this a go, found a mate who bought it and it is a empty shell.

    I think people giving this a thumbs up lack the experience of noticing how deep a FPS can be.

    Last edited 16/02/13 2:46 pm

    It took someone 3 days to mod what it took the devs 6 years to screw up... This game will probably take the award for biggest letdown this year.

    First mod required is to help the stupid AI. My foolish buddies waiting at a door while I run ahead....and I run back and run ahead and run back again...they just stand there. Until I hit some imaginary checkpoint, and they're off....

    A.I is terrible, they dispel so much ammo out of their smart guns and still the alien survives.
    I've stayed at one end of a corridor while the battle is taking place down the other end in another room with my team in it and the Xeno's still run past them and come straight for me.

    I've also had 2 Xeno's in the sewer level follow me like lost puppies and not explode even when I jump and run next to them.

    This game has developing mistakes that stopped happening in games 6 years ago, being able to walk through a NPC or even a Xeno is ridiculous as well as enemy NPC's stand still breifly while being shot and they have incredible pin point accuracy when throwing grenades.

    And why oh why do Xeno's lag in campaign mode when they explode? CRAZY!

    The only joy I get from this game is the chance to walk around scenes from the movies and the sound of the pulse rifle. The collectors edition statue/figurine and other items are however fantastic so I look at it this way... I paid $80 for an excellent figurine and got a free crappy game as a preorder bonus!

    Last edited 18/02/13 11:33 am

      Given the insane prices I've seen figurines going for, this is probably the healthiest approach I've seen yet.

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