See Minecraft Running On A Computer That Costs $35

I realise that one reason for Minecraft's success is that it can run on older/weaker computers, but this is crazy.

What you're seeing here is Mojang's world-builder running on the Raspberry Pi, a tiny hobbyist computer that's little more than a glorified chipboard, and which costs only $US35.

The version of the game has been modified to accommodate the Pi's limitations (and is free!), but come on. The fact you're looking at any kind of Minecraft running on a computer that costs less than most retail games is bananas.

Minecraft: Pi Edition is available for download! [Mojang] Minecraft - Pi Edition (Download and Gameplay) [YouTube]


    I wonder how there getting the Java build to manage memory sensibly. Minecraft nukes my computer with 3GB of ram (linux, using Sun's linux)

      It's wierd. Minecraft seems to be one of the *worst* optimised games I've ever seen, right behind Crysis and Daikatana. I've seen it on i7's, 16gb ram and ssd primary drive, rocking dual 660s getting a shit framerate lol. Yet on my i5 with a 460 and 8gb ram? Smoother than a babies butt. Both running 64bit win7.

        Same here. Mine runs like crap.

        By default, Minecraft won't use more than about 500mb of ram. It also won't recognise dual video cards and will only use one. With my GTX560ti and more ram allocated to Minecraft I get over 300fps in vanilla.

          Thats about what I get, I think with FRAPS it showed I was on around 260 or 270 in vanilla.

      He mentions that it's similar to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft so it's probably adapted from the one that was designed to run on Smart Phones (Especially since the Pi runs Arm architecture). Given the specs of the Pi, it's less powerful than most modern smart phones, but a little more powerful than those when Minecraft PE first came out. Still, Minecraft seems to be like the anti-Crysis. How low power can we go before it can't run it?

    Mainly I want to know how this is running almost better than the 360 version?

    Better framerate than my 'good' computer.

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