The Craziest Testosterone-Filled Japanese Video Game Characters

When it comes to Japanese developers, creating crazy, nice games isn't the only thing they're good at; they also design characters with pumped-to-the-max muscles, half of which don't even exist in real life and have the size of a truck. And they are all really serious about beating the hell out of everyone around them.

Dio (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure / JoJo's Venture)

Source: JoJo Madara's LP

Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza series)

Source: Official Yakuza Website

Raiden (The King of Fighters series)

Source: gamesharkdude2's LP

Kenshiro (Fist Of The North Star)

Source: MyKOEITV

Haggar (Final Fight series)

Source: Final Fight Guy, own screenshot

Big Bomberder (3 Count Bout)

Source: HardcoreGaming101

Asura (Asura's Wrath)

Source: Asura's Wrath Wiki

Sagat (Street Fighter series)

Source: xxKALAMITYxx's LP

Great Puma (Pro Wrestling)

Source: dommiesan's LP

The Bruiser Brothers (Super Punch Out!)

Source: Adeigar's LP


    Sagat? Really? Possibly the most NORMAL of all the Streetfighter characters? Over characters like Dhalsim, Blanka......and around 50 others?

    And if we're talking nationality, he's thai :P

      Nobody mention Poison.

        9/10 would bang Poison... then scream in surprise as Poison flips them over for round 2...

          Does that mean 1/10 people are screaming in delight?

            That's the statistic for those who swing that way isn't it? lol

      Indeed. How is he more "testosterone-filled, muscle-bound" than Zangief, Hugo or even Alex??

    Sagat does seem an odd choice. I mean he's buffed, inhumanly so, but he's not even the top end of that scale out of the SF cast. In fact, in the original SF2 he was pretty skinny, and it wasn't until the Alpha series that he started really showing muscles.

      Absolutely, he was pretty in proportion in the SF series like you said until Alpha/Zero.

    So sick of these useless picturebook entries. I mean you could at least gives us a little bio/rundown of each character and a bit of their history? Come on.

    Crude Buster aka Two Crude Dudes.

    disturbing lack of Cho Aniki here.


    Asura is f*n tops!

    WTF no Potemkin (Guilty Gear)?

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