The Trippiest Video Game Levels

The Trippiest Video Game Levels

Surreal stages, events, or gameplay that somehow just don’t fit have always been present, and even expected. Their crazy graphics, weird aesthetics and ideas make sure that we have absolutely no idea what’s going on. But they have their charm, they are funny, or they’re simply part of the experience — and so we love them.

We collected a bunch of them below.

Bad News in DmC


source: DmC Chapter 10

The Cardbridge In Alice: Madness Returns


source: Alice Wiki

The Nightmare Scenes In Max Payne


source: Max Payne’s first nightmare

LSD Dream Emulator


source: LSD Dream Emulator Wiki

Inside The Red Dragon In Rayman Origins


source: Rayman Origins Dragon Trailer

Yume Nikki


source: Yume Nikki Wiki

The Space Harrier Stages In Bayonetta


source: Bayonetta Chapter 14

The Final Stage In Beautiful Katamari


source: superadamsworld’s LP

Goro Majima’s Karaoke Minigame In Yakuza: Dead Souls


source: Yakuza: Dead Souls – Goro Majima Karaoke

Stage 7 In Parodius


source: cubex55’s LP

There are probably a lot more mind-cracking levels or games, so you should submit your own picks below (with visual support)!


  • All of The Stanley Project!

    Also I found the Silver Sachs Tower levels in DmC to be much tripper than the Raptor News Network. But it was pretty good all around!

    • Oh man, that part was brilliant. I think they tried to do something similar with the Mad Hatter in Arkham City, but it wasn’t quite as good.
      Also, No More Heroes. Either the unexpected arcade shoot-em-up or the part where….. screw it. The whole game.

    • Also the build-up to the alternate realities, as you never really knew when it would happen. When it did, I would think to myself, “Oh shit, here we go.” An entire world covered, Rusted & decayed, is truly a freaky thing! And what’s really mindblowing, is that Silent Hill goes from evil, to pure terror. Where most games have a sort of ‘safe-haven’ structure, Silent Hills ‘safe-haven’ is making you feel that evil is safer than pure terror! All I can say is hearing rusted-sentient-wheelchairs up a dark hall, in the direction you are going is such a mindf**K!

  • I don’t know if it counts because Katamari has already been mentioned, but playing Noby Noby Boy drunk late on a Friday night was one of the wierdest experiences I had for a long time.

  • Rainbow track Mario kart 64.
    I swear I almost had a seizure with that one. so many colours, so many ways to fall off the track. quickly turned from rainbow track to god-damn not that bloody track again my eyes only just recovered track

  • Max Paynes (1 & 2) scenes were mind-bending. Only Remedy can do it exactly like that. Alan Wake being an excellent example. Also, the Pink Flamingo from Max Payne 2 is psychological horror at it’s best! “She. Has. Dyed. Her. Hair. Red.” waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • I know it gets a pretty rough ride but Silent Hill: Downpour had some great moments. Hansel & Gretel scene needs to be experienced in the dark, alone and in 5.1 (as all of the game should be).

  • The asylum level from Painkiller. Everything about it, from the warped sound to the monsters in straight jacks crawling along the ceiling was just perfect. The best part of the thing is the entrance is also the exit, so as far as Daniel’s little adventure goes, he could have skipped that one entirely.

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