This History Of Football Games Makes Me Feel So, So Old

In all the years I've played video games, I've played representations of soccer, or football. On my Spectrum I played Match Day. The first game I got for my Amiga 500 was Kick Off 2 and I loved it to death. Sensible Soccer, International Superstar Soccer, Pro Evo all the way through to FIFA 13. I've played almost every single football game ever made and this video does an incredible job of representing them all.

It's 30 minutes long, so be prepared, but it's still well worth watching. It also features a list of the games shown, which is quite handy for those you who, like me, have a rusty memory.

My only complaint — where is Super Soccer for the SNES? I loved that game! Especially for the crazy exploit that let me beat Germany 20-0 with Scotland!


    It's "soccer"... calling it "football" just causes confusion. In this country at least :P

    But anyway... Sensible Soccer on the Amiga > all.

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      buddy its called Football all over the planet...

      you are being ignorant by saying shit like this
      the only country that calls it Soccer aside from Australia is pretty much America... are you implying we are as collectively stupid as Americans?

        Man, you seem to be taking life way too seriously. Are you like this every day? Or is it just a Friday thing?

      It's called football just about everywhere in the world except Australia and the USA, where we call it soccer. Technically we are the ones that are wrong, not them. I mean think about it, it's the only ball game that's played almost 100% with your feet. We really shouldn't be calling games like Rugby League/Union or Gridiron "football" at all, because they use their hands more than their feet. AFL is maybe 60% hands 40% feet, or maybe 50/50 at best.

      Anyway, they seem to have forgotten two of the early soccer games I played:

      - World Cup Soccer (aka NASL Soccer) on the Intellivision
      - World Class Soccer on the Atari Lynx

      But I guess with a list like this one you are bound to miss a few games here and there.

      Out of all the sports in the world, I think soccer/football is the one that translates the best into a video game. The mechanics and rules of the game just seem to fit really well.

        Tennis works pretty well, too. And golf. But yeah, soccer is the only kind of sports games I buy on a semi-regular basis (generally every other year rather then every year). Although I can't say no to the Everybody's Golf series.

      It's called Football.

      I have fond memories of International Superstar Soccer 64. More recently I've been enjoying FIFA13.

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    The first football game that I owned was Complete Onside Soccer for PC. The one with Peter Schmeichel on the cover. My favourite is still ISS Pro Evolution for the PSX.

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    Played a ton of International Soccer on the C64, so that makes me feel older than you @serrels!
    Ah, the speed of insta-load cartridges was so nice. And cheating by making the ball bounce on your head the whole length of the pitch to score...good times.

    My first game was FIFA 98 Road To World Cup. I have sweet memories on that, especially when I got the World Cup playing as both Sri Lanka and Australia.

    peaked at Kick Off 2. Simplistic controls that still allowed a lot of game play depth. also it ate joysticks up like cheesy-poofs. even the usually stalwart tac2 was not up to the task.

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