This Week's iPad Charts: Little Inferno Sets The Charts On Fire

The game that single-handedly justified the $350 I spent on Nintendo's Wii U console back in November came to iPad this week, spreading joy and laughter to Apple tablet gamers everywhere. And flames — can't forget the flames.

Little Inferno is a magical experience. One moment you're gleefully dropping items into your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace without a care in the world, the next you're realising how deeply you've been drawn into a game that takes place almost entirely on a single screen. In the interest of keeping the experience as pure as possible I'll stop right there — you just have to play it.

And it looks like plenty of iPad gamers are. Good for them! I've purchased it again myself, and I am a cheap bastard, so that's really saying something.

There were some other games in this week's charts as well, but they aren't as important.

Top Paid iPad Games — February 1, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Banana Kong 3 +1
2. Minecraft Pocket Edition 1 -1
3. Angry Birds Star Wars HD 2 -1
4. Little Inferno N/A N/A
5. Crafted Battle 5 0
6. Bad Piggies HD 4 -2
7. Temple Run Brave 7 0
8. Words with Friends HD N/A N/A
9. Plague Inc. N/A N/A
10. The Room 9 -1

Top Free iPad Games — February 1, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Temple Run 2 1 0
2. What's the Word HD N/A N/A
3. Early Bird HD N/A N/A
4. Ghostbusters 2 -2
5. Bingo Vegas HD N/A N/A
6. Candy Crush Saga 6 0
7. Star Girl N/A N/A
8. Slots: Valentine's Edition N/A N/A
9. Pixel People N/A N/A
10. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance N/A N/A


    Next on the News, iPad game burns down families house. Loving the game but should Not get into the hands of kids.

      My kids (8 and 12) loved it, but are also well trained on both fire safety and the separation of gameplay fantasy, and reality. IE, I parent my kids. Overall, more seriously, I can't see this being worse than a good many games that might get in their hands, and outside of the Fire it lacks much of violence or sexuality, which should make most (half assed) parents happy. ;)

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