Why The New Tomb Raider Works

The reboot of Tomb Raider was a big dice roll. It takes Lara Croft — one of the most recognisable characters in all of video games — and puts her back to the beginning, with a new look in a game that's markedly different in tone. But the gamble works.

In the video above, video editor Chris Person and I discuss what makes the game succeed. The talk is no more spoiler-filled than my review, but you may want to stay away from watching if you want to go in totally clean when it comes out next week.


    I am so happy that this game has done sooooo well! followed the series from the start and im glad they have decided to start again with an origins story. bring on next week!!!

    So would you buy Tomb Raider, the new DMC, Dead Space 3 or Metal Gear Revengance?

      Out of that lot I'd buy Tomb Raider. But with God of War Ascension coming out the week after, and Bioshock Infinite 2 weeks after that then I'll probably leave Tomb Raider until later on when it's cheaper.

      Hell yeah I would buy the new DMC! I already got and clocked MGR! AWESOME GAME! EPIC BOSS FIGHTS! :D

    I can see the feminist deconstruction articles on this game already.

    Wheres Patricia? Thats clearly a screenshot designed to make Lara appear nothing more than a sub-human piece of eye candy. I demand justice!

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