You Can Play Assassin's Creed Of The Future. With Guns. Sort Of.

A DLC pack for the otherwise forgettable Ghost Recon Online will for the next few weeks make the online PC shooter substantially more interesting, provided you like Assassin's Creed. And the prospect of Assassins using assault rifles.

The pack adds "Abstergo" weapons and a very fetching near-future rendition of the Assassin's outfit, one that ditches the "Blending into a crowd" thing altogether in favour of being all about the straps and guns. And more straps.

You've got to pay for the privilege, of course, that's how games like this make money, but if you bundle stuff together you'll pay slightly less.


    For those that haven't played Ghost Recon Online, I highly recommend it. It's good fun and has a lot of polish for a F2P (and it's not pay to win! You still have to be certain levels to unlock the good stuff, even with 'real money')

    Hmm, i could see that for a future assassins creed. After Desmond finishes his training in the animus and now has to try to stop the modern day Templar's which would be i don't know maybe the head of a mega corporation called red shield? maybe but something along those lines would be cool

      Abstergo was the mega corporation

      i remember reading something from ubisoft about Desmond's story ending pretty soon and them making other assassins creed games following other peoples lives. (i havnt played AC3 yet)

    I haven't either yet, Wonder who's lives they'd follow

      Desmond dies at the end but before that he kills vidic

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