Ubisoft Wants To Shoot A Ghost Recon Movie

The trend for video game franchise movies continues apace, with reports that Ubisoft's Motion Pictures unit is shopping around a Ghost Recon movie.

The LA Times reports that the head of Ubisoft's Motion Pictures division, Jean-Julien Baronnet, spends a week a month in Hollywood — which means he's racking up the frequent flyer miles — working on the fine details of Ubisoft's upcoming pictures, including the Michael Fassbender led Assassin's Creed and Tom Hardy led Splinter Cell, as well, as, apparently, trying to get a Ghost Recon movie up and running.

Creed and Cell I can see as (maybe) being decent movies, given there's a strong focus on character, but the Ghost Recon games aren't exactly strong character studies — although the trailer/mini-movie for Future Soldier was quite cool.

[LA Times via Polygon]


    Maybe concentrate on a good ghost recon game first...

      Amen. There hasn't been a great Ghost Recon game since GR and Island Thunder. This whole corridor shooter crap annoys the hell out of me. The open stages, open fields etc of the first game was wonderful, running for miles, it was fantastic. Now? It's a joke. That goes doubletime for Rainbow six which has gone from a brilliant tactical game to a half arsed cod shooter.

    Ubisoft have officially dropped the ball.


    Maybe they should look at FreddieW and Brandon or Corridordigital to make a web series first. That MAY work in their favour.

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