EA Australia Claims Sim City Is Back Up And Running…

EA Australia Claims Sim City Is Back Up And Running…

EA Australia has just informed us that it believes that Sim City is back up and running. According to the team, a group of people have been playing the office with no issues for a few hours. They’re asking Australians to jump back in and give it a try.

A number of people we know have also managed to start playing the game with less trouble than before, but some are reporting that city sharing still isn’t working, which makes some elements of play difficult. Still, after a day of waiting, it’s a step forward.

Let us know how you’re all going in the comments below.


  • Complete nonsense, servers are still down and disconnect before entering a world. I lost all progress I made yesterday, 2 hours down the EA drain… yay.

    • Servers are down, attempting to reconnect.

      *Update EA were mistaken, servers are still down.
      – Mark Serrels

  • I haven’t been able to connect to a server at all! Maybe something to do with not owning the game.

  • “Your server is experiencing very high volume. You are now in a queue. The play button will become active once space is available. To play immediately, select another server.”

    And there’s a timer counting down from 19 minutes…

    Hey EA, thanks but no thanks! I think to play immediately, I’ll just select another game…

  • Well I’ve been in the game since 2pm Adelaide time, then origin restarted itself for some reason and i was booted from sim city only to be put into a 20 minute queue

  • I’ve been playing on the Europe West Server for a few hours earlier. The only problem I was having what that the side missions your sims give you were bugged, and progress on them weren’t being tracked properly so they weren’t completable.

    • Swtor launch was fine bar some waits on high pop servers just like every mmo ever. One of the most stable mmo launches latency/continuity wise I’ve ever experienced. The state of the game at launch on the other hand.

  • Can’t get the game to launch. I click play, get a black screen and the music stops. Continues to run in the background, but I can’t play it.

  • You have to queue to actually play the game you just bought. That is just nuts . Wonder what genius thought about that. We have game that has to constantly validate via the internet to actually single player

    • Sure you have to queue on Oceanic, but there is no wait for Europe 1,2,3 and 4. None of the servers have any lag, so geographical proximity doesn’t need to come into the equation when choosing a server.

      • I also managed to play on europe east 1 last night, but as at 7:20 am today (9th) its all busy and all has a Q.

        • We do need another Oceanic server however. Surely the whole of South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand can’t all be expected to share just one local server?

  • So I only just now had time to try the game. Seemed to be, like 6 servers available. Just did the tutorial then started my first city with no hiccups or waiting. Hope it keeps that way so I can a bunch tonight.

  • I managed to get on the Europe West 3 server at around 7:30 tonight. The Oceania server was too busy, I waited in the queue for about half an hour before I decided just to pick another server.

    Just finished playing now. Played pretty well, no lag, and only once did I have to reconnect. So, pretty happy considering how frustrating last night was. 🙂

  • I played on Oceania with zero wait time, zero dropouts, zero problems from about 5pm to 10:30pm last night.

    Game is awesome.

  • Once I finally got in game I had a blast and ended up playing until 3am. Shame it looks like it’s all I’ll ever be able to play on Oceanic

  • People aren’t realizing that the always-on DRM was less for DRM purposes and more for the fact that an average computer on its own couldn’t handle the amount of simulations happening in-game at once. Even if it were a single player game, good luck running it on your computer without help from a server.

  • Welp. 10:40am and the Oceanic server is busy, I’ve got a half hour wait to see if I can get in or not… does this count as “back up and running”? Is a pity too, cause I played it last night and it’s otherwise a very polished game.

    • Likewise – it was flawless last night – I was able to quickly switch between towns and see what other people in my region were up to.
      I saw in whole the experience the developers were trying to get across – however sadly this morning – I’m back in the line waiting for my spot in there.

      They’ll get it sorted after a few days, and when they do – it will be fantastic.

      • Indeed, that was my experience too. I can understand the waiting to login – after all it is essentially an MMO, however once my countdown ran out this morning a “network error” stopped me from getting in and threw me back into the 20 minute wait queue.

  • The thing is though.. the damage to the brand has already been done.. even if they got the servers back online within the next couple of days and things settled down.. the damage is already done. This is a total flop of a release and they will be plagued with the bad press for all subsequent releases..

  • How the fuck is it news that EA fucks up another (I.e. all) game…

    Just put a sticky on the frontpage about EA are manned by nimrods and fucktards…job done!

    I’m on a hate EA day/month/year btw

  • I bought the game a couple of days ago and have had no problems whatsoever.

    I just created my own Region last night. Looking for neighbouring Mayors 🙂

    Please join
    Server – North America West 3
    Region – Macedonia
    Me – GozzaV

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