Watch Human Beings Play Sim City Inside A Glass Cage At Circular Quay

Watch Human Beings Play Sim City Inside A Glass Cage At Circular Quay

Want to watch human beings dressed up as builders trapped inside an enormous glass cage playing the new Sim City? Sure you do. You should totally head to the courtyard at Customs House next to Circular Quay station, because people are doing that right now! As we type/speak!

It’s all part of a publicity stunt for the release of the latest Sim City, which is set for release March 7 here in Australia.

According the press release this is a challenge, pitting 12 “hardcore Aussie gamers” against one another in a Sim City duel to the death. They have six hours to build the city with the largest population and the winners receive the following swanky tour package: a helicopter ride over Sydney, a jet boat ride in Sydney’s Harbour and a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb.

As marketing stunts go, it’s a pretty cool one. I just got back and it has drawn quite the crowd. The players are due to stop playing at roughly 2pm, when the winner of the competition will be decided. If you work in the city it might be worth heading down on your lunch break to have a gander, particularly if you’re a fan of Sim City, and who isn’t? Apparently Z-Grade Big Brother celebs Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Stacey Wren are heading there, but the game itself is really the star attraction.

They have a bunch of Sim City preview discs if you’re at all interested in the game and — this was my favourite part — jelly snakes. I’m not sure if they were supposed to be for the EA staff working the event, but I stole a few regardless. They were delicious. I regret nothing.


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