Get A Load Of This Criminally Cool Red Dead Redemption Monopoly Set

There are several cool video-game themed Monopoly sets out there. However, I would be hard-pressed to think of a cooler one than this homemade Red Dead Redemption set put together by Redditor inspirermeg.

From the imgur description:

This was a 2-week project at school, so though I'm happy with the result - I wasn't able to completely finish the project and perfect it (The hotels/houses are the same and better player-bricks? are needed.(The requirements were only the box, the board game itself, Working playerbricks, 3 card examples... though I made them all)) Spent an approximately 8 hours designing and 4 hours printing, taping, glueing and cutting everything. The product contains all the property cards, chance-cards, luck-cards... and the board game, of course.

Get a load of this action:

Yes. I would play it.

[via Reddit]


    Cool pictures of a box.

      But what a nice box it is o.O

        Made of some kind of timber.

          Erm.... shouldnt it be "Monopoly: Red Dead Redemption Edition" ?
          I am very sure that more people across the globe know Monopoly more than they know Red Dead Redemption

    Shouldn't Blackwater and Beecher's hope be blue and Mcfarlane Ranch be brown?

    Hope he failed for that mistake

    Last edited 22/03/13 10:31 pm

    I wonder if is as shit to play as RDR was for me. Now before people get defensive, I had a very glitched version. I could never finish it.

      That sucks. I love it to bits, it's one of my favourite games ever, and one of the best video game worlds out there. Well, I reckon. Shame you didn't get the same experience. But each to their own I suppose. I hated LA Noire with a passion, and some people think that game was some kind of wonderful.

      Oh, and yeah, great, er, box story you got here guys.

        LA Noire would of been better if it didn't hold your hands when it came to finding clues.

          Yeah, i mean i would of loved to find the clues myself instead of the game god going "Psst, that trash can looks funny doesn't it?", but i love RDR one of the best games I've played in the past couple of years, was a bit repetitive though, left me wanting more. PS Fucking awesome box!

    ! It's just a box.

    Last edited 23/03/13 9:13 am

    See, that's the type of merchandising we want!

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