Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Been Rated MA15+

Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Been Rated MA15+

It’s no surprise that people are closely watching for any signs for Red Dead Redemption 2, what will probably be the biggest game of the year. But as the weeks and months progressed, and Red Dead didn’t show up on the classification database, people started to worry.

Fortunately, there’s no delays on that front. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been officially classified MA15+, with the Board making their decision in early September. As part of the process, however, Rockstar asked the Board if they could withhold the reasons — the official report where the Board outlines the reasoning justifying a certain rating — until the game’s launch on October 26.

Kotaku Australia understands that RDR2 will feature “strong themes and violence” on the box, as well as the usual “online interactivity” label that games with online multiplayer are classified with. That differs slightly from the original Red Dead, which was classified MA15+ with strong violence, coarse language and sex scene warnings.

What’s interesting through this process is that, at least from my enquiries, the Classification Board seemed to take an extra step on behalf of Rockstar. It makes sense for the Decision Report to be withheld, but there’s no spoilers in the classification rating itself. (If anything, this will probably come as good news to a lot of parents who bought GTA 5 for their obviously underage kids.)

I reached out to Rockstar asking if they asked for the classification rating to be withheld, along with the report. I hadn’t heard back by time of publication, but if that changes I’ll let you know. Either way, for those who emailed in worried: life is good! Red Dead will arrive at its scheduled time. It’s also not an R18+ game, which isn’t a huge deal but nice to know nonetheless.

For more of an idea as to how RDR 2 will play, see Stephen’s two hour preview with the game below. There’s also the latest gameplay trailer, which includes a brief clip in first-person mode.

Two Hours With The Amazingly Detailed Red Dead Redemption 2

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  • Damn it, was hoping for an R18+ rating to keep some of the childrem out. Oh well will just have to mute the noisy ones, just like GTA Online (and every other game.)

  • This is the sadest news ever! No R18 rating or nudity classification means no digital tittahs… the strip clubs were just the best in GTA 5!!

  • I hope that going from 18+ to 15+ doesn’t mean the blowing off limps or the new skinning mechanics have been taken out or have been reduced.

    • I don’t understand how they would be able to score less than an R18+ rating with the dismemberment and amounts of blood we have seen in the trailers. I really hope that they haven’t toned anything down for the Australian version, that will be extremely disappointing. Can always import the game from overseas but hopefully that isn’t required.

      • Usually they submit the default version first, to see what gets through, then if its RC’d, go back and remove or change whatever is offending. So if this has gotten through on the first try, normally there wouldn’t have been any toning down.

        Doesn’t mean they didn’t pre-empt it and do it anyway, but most of the time that’s going to be seen as wasted effort – why do it if you don’t have to?

        • With Grand Theft Auto IV, they didn’t even get a refusal at all, they just shipped the Australian version with toned down violence and no animations for prostitution experiences. Just have to hope they haven’t just shipped a version to Australia that doesn’t have dismemberment and has less blood.

          • Which was funny as hell, because even though Rockstar censored GTA IV, they DIDN’T censor the add-ons that came out later!

  • Hopefully they have single player DLC with this one as well,

    if the trophy list is correct, they don’t look that difficult to achieve – Bearly Legal is now called Grin and Bear it

    it also looks like there are no trophies like Manifest Destiny or Dastardly

  • The ACB doesn’t ban games for violence or nudity anymore. Its only drugs or explicit sexual violence that these clowns have an issue with.

    Stop worrying. Killing Floor 2 and Doom weren’t censored or banned, and they have far more violence than RDR2. IF it were going to be censored for anything it would have been drugs and rape, not violence or normal sexual content.

    Look at the Witcher 3: violence, dismemberment, nudity and other sexual content. No game has been banned for violence or sexual content since the R rating was introduced. Look at GTAV too, as it even had drug use and wasn’t banned.

    Even if it were censored, just DL using a Canadian PSN account on PSN/XBL.

  • The game is a kids game. Theres no sex, nudity or even implied sex. No prostitution, or implied prostitution. The game should be rated G. Any parents thinking about buying this game for your kids, I guarantee it is totally appropriate for children 13+. There is very little swearing. Ive played the whole game and there were literally 2-3 F words.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is a children’s game

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