He Helped Give The Australian Games Industry $20 Million, Now He May Become Deputy PM

He Helped Give The Australian Games Industry $20 Million, Now He May Become Deputy PM

You might remember Simon Crean as the Labor Arts Minister who announced that $20 Million in Federal funds would be given to the Australian games industry. Now you’ll most likely remember him as the Minister who called a leadership spill and subsequently got sacked by Julia Gillard. The man who represents a leading party in turmoil.

Because today Arts Minister Simon Crean threw his hat in the ring as Deputy Leader of the party, and called for a vote on who should lead the Labor Party in the upcoming election. He claims that he’ll be supporting Kevin Rudd.

“This is an issue that has to be resolved. There is too much at stake,” he said, as reported by the AFR.

“I’m doing this in the interests of the Labor Party and, in turn, the nation.”

Crean claims that, as deputy leader, he plans to retain his current portfolio, including the position of Arts Minister.

As Arts Minister Simon Crean got behind the Australian Games Industry, claiming that “Australian games studios are recognised internationally for their skill and originality in developing interactive games played all over the world“. He claimed the money was a “downpayment/” on the future success of local industry.

A vote is being called today at 4.30pm and, meanwhile, Tony Abbot just called a no confidence motion in the PM and current government. There’s no guarantee that Simon Crean will become Deputy Prime Minister even if Kevin Rudd is installed as the new party leader.

At this moment there’s no guarantee of anything.


          • Actually I said that since the post topic is a purely political one that has no relation to gaming that it shouldn’t be on the site. As I mentioned below, which it seems no one has read, I had a back and forth with Serrels with this, and I have admitted I was in the wrong which is why I removed the post. Bt the. Again why should I expect anything less but troll posts from you lot trying to turn something into something bigger than it is, especially after the matter was resolved.
            So continue trolling guys, it seems to be the only constructive thing you guys do on here anyway.

        • We should have a competition to come up with the funniest comment that he MIGHT have made in order to draw that response from Mark.

          • No Mark….I *dramatic pause* am your father.

            It would explain why he thinks he can control what he writes.

      • mark, your the best kotaku has to offer as far journalism goes but you need to stop trolling your own articles. Tale the bigger ground for a change (and try to resist your personal need to argue with people, you put your opinion forward once already, why argue it some more?)

    • Because Lawmakers and leaders have no impact on the gaming industry in the country at all.

      Just keep your head in the sand and don’t click the article if it upsets you.

      • I said this was not related to gaming as it’s a purely political issue. Serrels and I have fired at each other on Twitter, I backed down and he called for a promo battle (aka we ended up joking around).

        This is why i removed the post, I was in the wrong. So let’s leave it at that shall we?

  • Irrespective of where you sit on the political specrtum, it is a pretty significant happening and it’s happening right now…

  • Honestly the sooner Labor get out of power the better. Who voted these clowns in in the first place?

    For the record I don’t support either of the two major parties, but what’s been going on with Labor with all of their leadership problems is just absurd, not to mention the BS policies they have pushed through and the even bigger BS policies they tried to push through (internet filter, anyone?).

    Whether you support Liberal and Tony Abbott or not, at least they chose their leader and have stuck with him, so you need to respect that at least. If they get into power in September, at least you can be assured they won’t oust him at the first opportunity.

    • Liberal will go through the same boat if Abbott is elected. The guy is useless and will be as unpopular as Gillard.

      Australia leadership is a joke and will be for awhile.

    • The liberals killing the NBN isn’t much good either.

      Really it’s one of those situations where either way we’re screwed in some respect.

        • Their plans are generally acknowledged as half assing it to do it cheap and fast. Not a good thing.

          • Hence my statement of “either way we’re screwed in some respect.”

            The NBN rollout as it stands means I won’t see anything where I am for nearly 20 years. Seems a little on the slow side.

          • Maximum ten, and you’ll probably have it within 3. Winge about the timing all you want, but it’s not meant to be a super fast broadband for you today, it’s meant to be a super fast broadband for the next 50 years.

          • But how is a modern easily upgradeable technology that helps to resolve so many growing issues such as latency and improve bandwidth crap?

          • The lib’s NBN is the fibre to the node infrastructure that failed in Britain. If you want to see a government piss $20billion against the wall on an infrastructure that will be dilapidated before it’s even in use. Go ahead and agree with the liberal’s NBN policy.

          • I’m in no way supporting the Libs plan. I think it’s stupid and going to be a huge failure.

            And yes I understand the NBN is for the future more than now. It’s one reason why the Libs plan is stupid. I’m just complaining because I can.

          • Agreed. I have 2 projects I cannot do because of this lack of bandwidth, people wonder why the tech guys move to the US to get funded/started.

            This is why. We’re already losing out in this country – libs just want to drag it out for longer.

          • I’m hoping that if they put the plan forward for scrutinising like they are planning on doing, they might see the error of their ways and reconsider their strategy.

          • Yeah and Tony Abbott will legislate in favour of gay marriage and abortion and force Gina Rineheart to pay her dues. Dream on.

          • I do know, and I also know they are planning to put their plan up for public scrutinisation. That means they can still change it based on public feedback. Did you even read the link I posted?

          • Given you appear to be a conservative, it’s no surprise you may not be aware that the only reason people see Gillard as ‘terrible’ is because the media have told them so in the most orchestrated campaign this nation has ever seen – and they have done this as the media firms are utterly terrified of the NBN. If world-class broadband comes to Australia, a number of their biggest cash cows die – and other companies will shoulder in at the trough. And since Holy Tony is utterly beholden to News Limited, you can be 100% sure that a fast and effective national broadband plan is not something the Australian Fascist Party will be implementing. While idiots prattle about policy, it’s all about $$$.

          • I’m not a conservative, I’ve already stated that I never vote for either major party…I just want a stable government. I don’t care who is running the country to a large degree, but these constant leadership battles within Labor have got to stop. They need to sort out their shit and get on with running the country. Either that or get out.

          • Isn’t funny Burnside?
            When one or the other party wins, people will always say the media ‘brain washed’ them.

            It would seem people don’t think of themselves very well.

          • A large part of the populace have neither the time nor the skills to educate themselves through alternative sources. So they take the mainstream media as fact. When you have companies such as News Limited which have enshrined in law their right to lie openly to push an agenda, you’re looking at the death of democracy. And of course the Liberal Party is violently opposed to the majority of the populace being educated, instead focusing on the wealthy elite. And so it continues.

      • I don’t care who is running the country, just give me the stinkin NBN, FTTP, now.

        It’s being built in my area, and I am going to be really sour if this leadership spill causes the independents to withdraw their support, leading to an early election and Abbott winning and him cancelling / changing the NBN to something stupid like FTTN before it gets to my house.

        A september election should be enough time for me to get FTTP on the current rollout, an earlier election could possibly throw a spanner in the works (although I assume that contracts to rollout in my area are signed so it might be too late to stop it here anyway)

        • If they’re building in your area now I think you’ll be fine, they’d have to cancel contracts and such and you’d think once they’re in a zone all the paperwork would already be in place – they cant undo that!

      • I’m just saying under the current NBN plan I might get a speed boost in 5 years time, if they switch to the quicker more affordable Fiber to the Node that might be cut down to 2 years.

        As it is as a resident of a fairly new suburb, I only got ADSL2+ late last year, a lot of people in this country are stuck on ADSL1, pair-gain lines or worse, dial up – they should be fixing those lines up first rather than laying cables in Carlton or Brunswick which they’ve been doing!

        • Unfortunately FTTN will be utilising (at least part of) those copper lines that are currently causing problems so realistically it’s not a very good solution.

    • libs chose their leader based on who could say ‘no’ the loudest to any policy’s coming from across the table 😐

  • Oh, stahp it, Mase. I like the fact that Kotaku AU writes about something that actually matters and isn’t always 110% about games, every now and then. This piece is still better than 90% of the crap that US Kotaku bothers to put out that IS about gaming.

    Stop acting like this kind of article is taking over Kotaku’s regular gaming content and ruining the website, because it’s just not.

    • Based on that picture – 6/10

      Would play in FFA Deathmatch, would not rely on for team-based multiplayer.

  • Day off = ABC 24
    UPDATE – Gillard has called leadership ballot for 4:30pm
    Abbott has called for no confidence in gov. Currently voting on suspension motion to allow the no confidence

    • I was streaming ABC News radio until they switched over to Question time. He was calling for the no confidence in the govt, but I can’t be too sure. He was fapping so hard, I could only catch every third word…

  • Julia Gillard is doing fine. This “leadership debate” is totally ridiculous; I can’t believe Crean thinks ANOTHER vote is in the best interests of the Labor Party.

    • I think they should and if Rudd challenges, and fails, he should resign from parliament. Really, the government is a joke at the moment. Bring the election 200 days forward and lets get this over with.

        • Oh I know that. I think they should scrap this whole thing and just get the election under-way. I’m free Saturday, voting time!

        • If Rudd gets in, those two independents (Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott) could very well pull their support for Labor as their support was dependent on Gillard being there. If that happens, we’ll be heading to an early election.

      • Please explain how the current Government is a “joke”. I see and hear this term bandied about frequently, but I am yet to see someone strengthen such claims with evidence.

        • Uncertainty fills the majority decisions surrounded with government and there appears to be no clear leadership of the current governing body for our country. The makes it a joke in my experience.

          • No, you’re mistaking evidence for an actual conviction. There’s plenty of evidence. This government denies everything until it’s proven in court. Like how Peter Slipper isn’t necessarily a misogynist even if his SMSes seemed that way. We need to wait for a separate court case to prove that conclusively. Or how Craig Thomson’s vote should be worth a pinch of shit given that even ALP-cheerleader Laurie Oakes doesn’t believe him and he’s got a billion bloody charges and documentary evidence against him.

  • So… Article related question – if Crean resigns as a minister if unsuccessful this afternoon, does that affect that announced funding for the game development industry?

    • No, it’ll be given to another MP. Real question si if that MP sees it as a policy priority the way Crean did.

    • Crean doesn’t need to resign, he’s been sacked already by Gillard. If Gillard retains power, Crean won’t be back. The only way he’ll be back now is if Rudd gets in.

      • If he’s on the front bench under Rudd, there’s no guarantee that he would have the same portfolio. Almost a certainty that someone else will be Arts Minister tomorrow.

  • Fighting it out to be leader of the Labor party at this point is like fighting over who gets to be captain of the Titanic after it had already struck the iceberg.

  • No matter your political leanings, surely you would be going for Rudd. The comeback kid just makes such a great story.

        • They pretty much do already. If a industry is struggling to be competitive in a particular aspect the government often helps out. A perfect example is the government granting special visas to allow the mining industry to bring in overseas workers. I’d also point out that grants are available to anyone wanting to start or grow a particular business for any industry.

          • In other words, the government grants special privileges to few people at the expense of the majority.

            Sounds fascist to me.

          • Meddling with the economy to gain power? Granting special permission and money to certain businesses and individuals?

          • Nah. Much better to not involve yourself and watch major industries die and take the countries economies with it. It’s natures way.


          • An unproductive industry is useless to the economy, there is no benefit to the country by propping it.

          • “Facism advocates a mixed economy; the principal economic goal of fascism is to achieve autarky to secure national self-sufficiency and independence, through protectionist and interventionist economic policies. It promotes regulated private enterprise and private property contingent whenever beneficial to the nation and state enterprise and state property where private enterprise and private property is unable to meet the nation’s needs.”

          • In other words, a mix of capitalist and socialist economic policies often adopted by every major government since the second World War.

            Using that as an identifier of fascism is like saying someone is a dictator because they have legs.

          • But the mining industry isn’t struggling to find workers and doesn’t need people from overseas as we have thousands queueing up for jobs who live here already.

          • Its to allow entrance for qualified overseas contractors, you can queue to your hearts content, your not qualified for the roll. Plenty of industries pull from overseas markets for positions we don’t have the skilled workers for

  • Gillard is a terrible PM but she only deserves some of the blame. Federal Labor has been toxic for years, a few gems stuck in a sea of shit. Still not voting Liberal though, not with Abbott as leader. He can talk all he wants about how he has changed, but i still remember him as Health Minister.

  • Hopefully this comes off and Conroy can be drop kicked through the door as well…. Internet Filter, Media Censorship….

    The guy is like a fountain hooked up to a sewer line.

        • No, I was streaming ABC News radio like a rock star and they cut to QT when it all went down. I head fapping and the sounds of someone having a sharp poo before the QT announcer back announced that we we’d just been listen to Piss’n Moan Tone. I’m glad I wasn’t watching QT. I don’t ever want to see his ‘O’ face…

  • It’s true what Neil Mitchell said. $20 million to keep a (non existent) industry alive is just a form of welfare.

  • I will never vote for a party that will Destroy the NBN or “half arse” it like Libs plan to do.

    Using Fibre to the node which has put Brittan’s economy up to shit creek, cost the country billions more then a Fibre to the home that the labor party has in place right now. The reason it is taking long is if you did your research there just isn’t enough qualified people to get it installed faster!

    Want to get $$$ fast become a NBN techy!

  • It’s a shame that despite all the failed policies, wasted money and constant infighting, this pack of idiots understands the need for the NBN. I would have voted for them on that alone, but the negatives just outweigh the positives, and today was pretty much the last straw for me, personally. If today has shown anything, it has shown that Abbott has pretty much sealed his victory in September without even having to lift a finger. With that said, someone should table a petition to Malcolm Turnbull to reconsider his stance on the NBN. We simply can’t afford not to have it, and to scrap what has already been rolled out will just add to the time and cost of rebuilding the Libs’ scaled back model.

  • Just someone tell me who to vote for plox so i can get superfast net before riotgames opens the league of legends server in sydney

  • A Crean/Rudd combo would have been awesome but too bad it never happened. Regardless i’m still voting for them (but putting smaller parties/independants 1st to get them more power). I want the NBN to be completed but the Libs don’t understand it and want a gimped version

    • It’s interesting how some people will vote for a party based ONLY on one program that matters to them. Let’s all just ignore that the Labor party that cant run an economy, fails every program they introduce (pink bats, school halls, mining tax) and put their own egos and self interests ahead of the interests of the country.

      Oh well, come september the Liberals will be in power, and this country can go back to how it used to be under Howard and Costello – FUNCTIONAL

  • Should have been a great day for Australians, with the attention squarely on the apology, now the day will be remembered for something else. Its strange – we live in this great country, we have a great economy, the unemployment numbers are low, and generally we are seen as quite happy. So – are we all just bloody whingers or hate rangas or what?

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