If Studio Ghibli Made Pixar Films, They Would Look Like This

Studio Ghibli still uses traditional animation techniques. You know, hand-drawn stuff. While it did loan out Totoro — well, a plush toy version — from My Neighbor Totoro to Pixar's computer boffins for Toy Story 3, don't look to Studio Ghibli to go all digital anytime soon.

However, if Studio Ghibli does, its characters would probably look something like this.

This, of course, is the character Mei from My Neighbor Totoro. These computer generated images are not new and date from 2009 (so old!). But they're still fantastic. They were created by ZBrushCentral forum member d8Ds as part of a "hardcore modelling challenge".

Above are various expressions Mei makes in the original animated film. You can see how d8Ds brought them to life in highly expressive, totally adorable 3D digital models.

The character totally works in computer graphics. Here is an array of expressions:

And, yes, that's Mei drunk!

Mei, HMC 15 expressions [[email protected]]


    It's very well done,
    But if Ghibli move away from hand drawn animation I will cry

      They already use CGI assets in parts of their movies. Going all the way back to Mononoke.
      I'm not saying that this detracts from the quality of their movies.

        yeah I'm aware of this but theres a huge difference between entirely 3d modled and that

      If they do, we can cry together. IMO a 2D animated movie has so much charm than a 3D one, especially if done well.

    That expressions one, in the middle at the bottom, will steal your soul.

    I would really love to see a studio ghibli / pixar film

    As unlikely it is, it's not completely unthinkable: John Lasseter of Pixar and Hayao Miyasaki of Ghibli are good pals, after all.

    studio ghibli designed characters in a pixar made movie maybe?

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