It's Face-Off For Real, And It's So Creepy

"The RealFace" (yes, the) is a highly realistic mask. Its maker, Japan-based Real-f, says the mask can be a "memorial portrait" for friends and family. What do I say? It's creepy.

It’s creepy, because The RealFace is so damn realistic-looking. The mask is made by taking facial impressions and photos. From that, Real-f can reproduce your mug, right down to your pores. Here, have a look:

Recently on Japanese television, Real-f did a mask of popular comedian Masatoshi Hamada. (Hamada is part of a comedy duo with Hitoshi Matsumoto, who is known in the West for Big Man Japan.) This, of course, resulted in putting Hamada's mask on a variety of different people—and even on different things, such as a mechanical roach:

It costs ¥300,000 ($3037) to make the first mask and takes about two weeks to receive via delivery after visiting Real-f's studio. A second mask costs ¥60,000 yen ($607). That, I guess, is a deal.

Real-f was working on "The RealHead", which was a realistic head mannequin. However, it's shelved that project to concentrate on a "soft" version of The RealFace. So, look forward to that!

ガキ使 板尾の浜田ベガス [2ch] Real-f [Facebook]


    Time for "Arnold Schwarzenegger" to rob a bank or two...

    I want them to make me a Nicolas Cage mask. I would never take it off.

      Will Nic Cage's face be a mask for you, or are you just a mask for your inner Nic Cage?

    Time to take some Richard James masks down to the primary school. Then blast Come to Daddy

    First I hear about those realistic sex dolls from Japan. Now this from Japan. Creepy.

      They just love the creepy. And tentacles.

        I can't believe I forgot the tentacles lol. Cheers for that.

    Why do I have Marty Beller Mask by TMBG playing in my head now?

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