Minecraft Player Creates What Could Be The Beginnings Of Artificial Intelligence, Sort Of

My biggest accomplishments in Minecraft so far have been building my dream home (complete with fireplace, library, greenhouse, and swimming pool) and a five-way track switcher that I definitely did not copy off a Youtube video. Redditor AllUpInHyuh, on the other hand, created what he or she is calling "a working neuron".

An Imgur gallery is accompanied by snippets of text like the following:

The box on the left represents the extracellular concentration of sodium (initially high). Stacks will be drawn out and "diffuse" into the intracellular chest.


Gold pressure plate can be thought of as a binding site for neurotransmitters. As the number of sprites released from dropper grows, the signal from plate increases. The quantity of items in chest determines the threshold for stimulation.

I have no idea what any of that means, but given that the discussion in the comments turned almost immediately to this project's hypothetical applications toward creating artificial intelligence, I think we can conclude that it's pretty serious. After all, according to this sciencey-looking page, a human brain contains roughly 100 billion neurons. That seems doable, right?

Just made a working neuron in a video game. thought this transcended r/minecraft [Reddit]


    It always boggles my mind to see what people try and do given enough freedom in a game. I don't think this is going to really aid a scientific breakthrough though since scientists are already doing programming with neural networks and even more awesomely, real live neurons, both in a computational sense (artificially created neurons) and by reprogramming areas of the brain to take up the slack from other damaged parts of the brain.

    The 1.5 Redstone Update introduced some truly amazing potential for really advanced redstone circuitry that I've barely touched in my time with the game. The Comparator, Hopper, Dropper, Daylight Sensor, Weighted Pressure Plates and Redstone Block have massively expanded the native potential for complex machinery. Can't wait to see what else the MC community dreams up!

    Impressive (I assume) but isn't this kind of thing easier to create in a program rather than a gamespace?

    Meh - go to the Mojang website and have a look at the Beetlejuice rollercoaster vid. It won't create neurons - it will blow them (and all done in the cut down Xbox 360 version).

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