My Favourite Way To Play Darkstalkers Resurrection Is The Least Practical Way

This week Capcom unleashes Darkstalkers Resurrection on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, bringing fans of the monster-fuelled fighting game series both Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge and Darkstalkers 3, updated with online multiplayer, YouTube replay sharing and a bevy of options to enhance your viewing pleasure. Let me show you my favourite.

It looks a bit silly, but there's just something so perfect about watching the game being played as if you were looking over the shoulder of an invisible person playing an arcade cabinet. It's a simulated out-of-body experience, video game style.

As I mention in the vid, I'd love to see this view fleshed out a bit, not just with fingers and cigarettes, but with ambient crowd noise is different flavours — crowded arcade, the back of the convenience store, pizzeria, back of a speeding pickup truck, being dropped out of an aeroplane — such possibilities! Why stop at dirty unfinished basement?

Darkstalkers Resurrection is available today on the PlayStation Network for $US14.99 and tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft fake-money units.


    Backstage at a Sepultura gig


        Oh wow. That takes me back.

          Yes, last year, my iPod. Ignoring students on the train with the power of METAAAAL!

            Have not listened to that song in maybe 10 years or more.

              Holds up imho, a lot of the stuff from high school I "grew out of" but Sep is very primal. Those simple grunted lyrics still hit home for me.

              When I'm in the mood.

                Yeah went and listened to it again after I posted. Not bad at all. I have grown out of it and now listen more to Amon Amarth, Psylosis etc but still enjoyed it.

                  Never heard of those guys, will make a note to check 'em out.
                  I'm more of a Devin Townsend fan and really love what Neurosis do.

    How about adding in a shady character that's offering you drugs? Or the deadbeat dole bludger asking to take a smoke off you? How about including a large smelly, fat guy who's constantly playing the game, has been there all day and won't let anybody else play the game including you?

      The rich kid who beats everyone because he can afford to practice?

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