Now You Can Own An Incredibly Expensive Neo Geo Made Of Exotic Wood

Now You Can Own An Incredibly Expensive Neo Geo Made Of Exotic Wood

Are you serious about the Neo Geo? Like, really serious? Then you should check out Analogue Interactive, a company that makes console-sized Neo Geo MVS arcade systems that will run on your home entertainment centre.

And if you’re really serious, check out their just-launched “Black Label” line, which incorporate exotic wood from all over the world. Sure, you can get a regular old model for $US649, but why not get one made out of Leopardwood? Or Cocobolo?

Check out the price list here. A standard Hickory or Cherry Neo Geo would run you $US1,299, but if you want a more exotic type of wood, you’ll have to pay an “exotic wood surcharge” on top of that. I’ve never paid an exotic wood surcharge, but I bet doing so would make me feel quite lordly.


  • ` a YouTube user called “ashens” reviewed the black plastic version of the neo geo, found it to be a piece of badly made crap, so no way im spending over $1000 in this

    • Ashen’s did review a Neo Geo device recently, but it was the recently released Neo Geo X system. As you would remember the system was not produced by Neo Geo but rather a company with a rather horrid track record in Blaze, as well as this the Neo Geo X primarily is a handheld (which unsurprisingly only utilises crappy emulation to play the Neo Geo titles) and the actual console unit itself was a plastic shell to hook the handheld into. . .

      These units in the article appear to be made by a third party enthusiast using the original Neo Geo design in mind and therefore I would expect if you’re going to be paying over a grand for this thing, the actual unit itself will be a functioning piece of hardware, not a crappy plastic shell. . .

  • Nintendo Magazine System would always have full page ads for the Neo-Geo home console. $989, in 1993! Thos were the days…

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