Sand, Smog, Or Something Covered Japan In A Yellow Haze

Sand, Smog, Or Something Covered Japan In A Yellow Haze

This weekend, sand storms blew through Japan. Cities like Tokyo were covered in an unreal yellow haze.

Many Japanese snapped up air purifiers and donned masks to protect themselves. Artistic minded individuals did what they do best: drew anime characters of the storm.

This year, the storms were particularly bad. Oddly, the Japan Meteorological Agency denies that this was Asian Dust sweeping through Tokyo. Instead, it says this was simply “haze” (煙霧 or “enmu”). Some in Japan are assuming that the Japanese government is trying not to point fingers at China, especially in light of recent tensions between the two countries.

And as The Japan Times noted, there’s increased concern that even more of China’s rising pollution would be scattered across Japan.

Here are collected photos via 2ch and Twitter of the sands as they make their way through Tokyo and the rest of Japan.


Looks rather yellow for just haze! The storms have passed through much of Tokyo, taking the yellow dust with them, leaving clear skies and probably a whole bunch of other stuff.

Here are some personifications of the dust.


One Twitter user even noted that if you wield a pellet gun in the yellow haze, it kind of looks like a first-person shooter. It kind of does, because FPS games are always so brown.


Not sure if they’re so polluted, though.

東京の空の色ヤバすぎクソワロタww  。・゚゚・(>_ [暇つぶしニュース]

今まで撮ってきたスカイツリーの中で確実に一番スゲエ景色 [@HiedanoAQN]

黄砂+エアガン=FPSっぽい写真になる! [@J_CORE_Sisters]

黄砂擬人化 [ニコ]

黄色すぎる空の報告まとめ【擬人化あり [まとめ]

話題の黄砂と杉花粉、土埃、PM2.5の擬人化に萌える [まとめ]

東京の空がやばいと話題に [痛いニュース]

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  • That FPS picture is full of so much win.

    Kinda points out how repetitive Spunkgargleweewee games have become

  • I won’t name the site, since it’s also a news website, but I’ve seen an article about how China has been having deadly pollution issues of late.

    This hasn’t really been mentioned properly in this article, and I feel as if it needs to be. The pollution is China isn’t just bad, it’s actually a very big health risk (At least in the places the other site mentions). This is being blown over to Japan and it is, in all honesty, disgusting.

    China, get your **** together, now!

    • This phenomena happens in East Asia every bloody year, you just get muppets highlighting this thanks to convenient recent issues happening in China, and suddenly people start looking for voodoo boogey men explainations . The bottom line, is that there is no connection, don’t be a tool.

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