Skullgirls Didn't Raise $150,000 For A Single Character

Last month, the developers of Skullgirls launched a crowdsourcing campaign, asking for $US150,000 to introduce a single new character into the game. That campaign has now come to a close. The final tally?



The whopping contribution from fans means that the game won't just be getting a single new character. It will be getting five of them, four story modes, six new stages and nine voice packs.

Here's the complete rundown of everything that's being added to the game now the campaign is closed:

  • First Character: Squigly
  • Second Character: Big Band
  • Third Character: By Fan Vote
  • Fourth Character: By Fan Vote
  • Fifth Character: Robo-Fortune
  • Squigly's Stage
  • Squigly's Story
  • Big Band's Stage
  • Big Band's Story
  • Fan-selected Character #1's Stage
  • Fan-selected Character #1's StoryMode
  • Fan-selected Character #2's Stage
  • Fan-selected Character #2's StoryMode
  • Bonus Stage: River King Casino
  • Bonus Stage: Glass Canopy
  • Voice Pack: "Republican Double"
  • Voice Pack: "Robo-Fortune"
  • Voice Pack: "Female Announcer"
  • Voice Pack: "Salty Parasoul"
  • Voice Pack: "Drunk FGC Commentator"
  • Voice Pack: "Valley Girl Painwheel"
  • Voice Pack: "Saxploitation"
  • Voice Pack: "Anime Peacock"
  • Voice Pack: "Real Soviet Announcer"

Topping off the feel-good story is the fact that the developers of the My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic game will be getting the Skullgirls engine, for free, to use in their own game.

Well played, everyone. Well played.


    lol that is awesome for both the company and the gamers who play it, indie companies are gonna drive the big bastards to the wall, if not soon then at least soonish.

    It's not even a good game lol.

      You're not a good game.

      The support the game is receiving from the fighting game community would beg to differ.

      So what your saying is you don't like the game. The game raised 830k for a single character it's safe to say it has fans.

    The Skullgirls devs posted on their Facebook page that they had secured a deal with someone that would take out some development costs, so they are going to use the extra money to make sure Robo Fortune gets her own story and stage as well.

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